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  1. Well I figured it out myself and wanted to post it here in case others got stuck in the way. Turns out the only way to get it to boot properly was to remove the cmos battery on the motherboard. Not an easy task as compared to a desktop. Anyhow, this machine has a nice soldered battery, so a bit of de-soldering is required and perform boot-up. If done as such the screen will now light up and post the bios. It's important to save the settings and shut it down. Now reconnect the cmos battery and re-assemble the entire laptop. End result is fully functional and back to normal. Hope this will help others. Thankfully you-tube had videos of similar failures that led me to attempt the repair.
  2. Successfully installed SL 10.6.3 on Toshiba A135-S4527 using Vanilla install with ######. Problem though is that when testing sleep the laptop started to sleep as normal but now will not recover. The AC lights come on and will charge the battery but will not otherwise power on. Tried a hard reset but still nothing. It goes so far as to spin up whatever DVD is in the drive and blips the HDD light once but that's about it. No CPU fan or BIOS post on the screen, not even video on external monitor. Removed everything from the chassis: RAM, DVD-ROM, HDD, WIFI, and bluetooth but still no luck. Does anyone have any ideas as to why sleep did this? Any ideas on how to recover? I suspect hardware failure but why did it coincide with SL sleep? I have tested countless other machine with no issues.
  3. My problem is that on cold booting my hack, no drives are detected in BIOS. I have hdd in SATA0 and DVD-ROM in SATA1. If I let the boot sequence go on and then restart a couple of times the drive will be detected. Even then the first boot with the drive detected will crash showing the circle with diagonal through it. One last boot see the hack in fully functional state. My SATA is set to AHCI and I have tried it in both IDE and legacy, but neither will even boot. I have even tried a 10 second delay but still no luck. Why does this only happen when cold?
  4. Hi all, this is my first desktop hackintosh and I built it on an older board. I installed via Boot-321 & #####, disabled GraphicsEnabler, and loaded kext for LAN. Here's my equipment: Intel DG35EC motherboard 8GB RAM 750GB WD HDD on SATA0 DVD-writer on SATA1 My issues after 10.6.8 install are that each time I start my machine from dead cold, it cannot find the harddisk. However if I disconnect power to my DVD-writer and reboot then all is well. Later once the machine has warmed a bit, if I reboot with the DVD-writer plugged in everything is suddenly fine. Next my audio is not working, I have tried the Azalia, AppleHDA, and VooDooHDA but still no luck. Lastly the system does not sleep and when I command a shutdown it will shutdown for about 1 second and reboot itself. Anyone have any ideas why the system is acting the way it does? I have installed on a few laptops and netbooks and none have had such symptoms. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  5. Sorry wrong section, supposed to be in SL section.