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    Sony VAIO NW11S Mobility Radeon 4570 Kext?

    So did u manage to enable QE/CI? I too have a NW series laptop (NW20zf) with mobility 4570. I tried a numerous kexts including dell ones, different boot etc, and graphicsenabler=yes, but all i get is black screen, grey screen at best.
  2. QuadDragonE

    Advise on half height Airport card?

    Thank you very much
  3. QuadDragonE

    Advise on half height Airport card?

    Thank you for your reply, are ar5b91 my only option? Like you said, all the half height ar5b91 are from sony machines so may not be 100% compatible (with SL 10.6.6i)?
  4. I currently own an Intel 5100 wifi card which ofc is not support in snow leopard. I would like to purchase an aftermarket one, but the problem is that I can only fit a 'half height' wifi card. It would be great if anyone can give me a model number for a OOB 1/2 height airport card to use in SL and also works in windows 7 too. Thank you PS - I would prefer if the wifi card has n technology and supported OOB without any kexts in SL, I dont mind installing drivers for windows 7 tho. Quad
  5. Thanks for the reply. I feel little bit more confident in my hackbook now I spoke to Martuzki, and he kindly offered me his kext, but once installed in S/L/E, all i get is blank screen, but another member having the same 4570 mobility card, installed in E/E and works, if i follow the latter method, does the kext in E/E loads by itself? More importantly, shall i boot in 32bit mode or 64bit mode with GraphicsEnabler=yes? Quad
  6. I think you have more faith in me then i do The other thing that I am not sure about, i presume once i have the framebuffer code all worked out, i would need to install ATIX2000/4000kext or which ever has my device id in it, the ATframebuffer.kext and in chameleon, tick use ATIBios and GraphicEnabler=yes?
  7. Hi I was reading on the forum about the ATI mobility series having full QE/CI support and i noticed that in this thread, ppl have manage to get ATI4XXX mobility card to have full QE/CI support I was wondering if anyone could upload their patched mobility 4570 graphic kext so i can use it as programming is a bit off my league... I have a sony vaio NW20ZF laptop with ATI mobility 4570 card. I noticed that a member 'kizwan' have QE/CI on his Dell studio 1577 with 4570 mobility graphic card, hence the request. I tried contacting kizwan via pm, but it seems he is not accepting pm at the moment Quad
  8. Do a google seach on HDA patcher or click this link (if still active) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=32859