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  1. Mac Flashback Malware

    It isn't a problem if use use a PPC mac,since some hackers showing no interest in hacking old Macs
  2. 这儿有没有中文用户?

    I am from HK. Sorry I can't type chinese with my laptop
  3. Visible square outline on iMac 27" display

    Send it back to Apple and hope it helps.
  4. I want to know why there's no right click in early versions of Mac OS X? What reason make Apple not to add right click in early versions of Mac OS X? Sorry 4 my bad English
  5. You can't install Lion on your Mac without hacking the installer.
  6. Lion Final vs Lion GM

    OS X Lion GM is the final version.
  7. My friend install a program that create a shortcut in Public Desktop () and I don't have user rights to remove that icon.Is there anyway to hide it?
  8. Can I overclock a onboard Intel graphics?

    I'm interested if I could overclock a onboard Intel graphics?
  9. Your hard drive might have some bad sectors.Try another hard drive.
  10. Should I overclock my CPU?

    Because my newer PC's HDD doesn't get enough space to install OS X.
  11. Should I overclock my CPU?

    I have a PC which have a Core 2 Duo CPU.
  12. Should I overclock my CPU?

    I know my MB's BIOS doesn't support OC. Does Mac overclocking software work with PCs?
  13. I'm wondered if I should overclock my PC to get better performance in OS X?
  14. Does iDeneb supports GeForce 6 series?

    Before I buy a GPU card I want to ask if iDeneb supports GeForce 5 series?