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  1. spinnerator

    NIC conundrum

    Yes, that's where it was hiding. Didn't know that OSX system had kexts hiding within kexts. Deleted it and now the correct kext installs and the internet and home network accessible.
  2. spinnerator

    NIC conundrum

    I've done that, I've deleted every version of the kext that shows up anywhere. I have used 'showhiddenfiles' app to make sure I'm seeing every file. And again, as I said, I've used every kext installer I can find. Kext Utility, Kext Wizard, OSX86 tools, .Kext Helper b7, ###### (where I tried to install the lnx2mac kext) and I've even used this : http://osxdaily.com/...ns-in-mac-os-x/ All report the kext as installed, but after every reboot the Sys Info apt reports the the R1000 kext still installed even though it no longer shows up in a search and no changes from the Network Utility. I've even tried installing the kext from my Snow Leopard install using ###### and OSX86tools.
  3. spinnerator

    NIC conundrum

    I've installed Hazard's Snow Leopard and Hazard's Snow Leopard Server on an old P4 machine. They run on separate harddrives. Here's my conundrum. Snow Leopard runs fine, no issues. The server as originally installed by the Hazard disc was v. 10.6.2 and ran but was buggy. It did however access internet and home network. I downloaded the 10.6.8 update and that version installed. Now, however, does not access my home network or the internet despite Network Utility reporting it as connected. Currently it has RealtekR1000.kext installed on the server. Snow Leopard on the other drive reports AppleRTL8169Ethernet.kext installed and access both internet and home network. The conundrum is, that I cannot remove or install the kexts for the NIC on the Server. I have tried every kext installer I can find. I've even tried to do it manually. I have deleted every version of RealtekR1000.kext that shows up in a search yet System Info app still reports the R1000 as installed. It's almost like malware. It won't go away and it won't let anything install in it's place.
  4. spinnerator

    boot issue AMD Athlon

    After putzing around for a few weeks I final managed to get my AMD Athlon 64 to run Snow Leopard 10.6.4. using #############. It runs very well once booted. However I have two issues and they may actually be the same issue. If, I set the Snow HD to be the first boot device, I get the dreaded 'cannot find root device' error. It only seems to boot if I use another drive as first boot and the F8 boot option function to get to the HD I've got Snow installed on. The second issue, is if I try to set the Snow HD as first boot and get the error, when I reboot, and use the F8 function I get the error also. I have to go into my Leopard install and rerun ###### and then reboot using F8. The HD that I installed Snow on, is the only SATA drive in my system, the rest are PATA. I'm guessing the issue is the SATA kext but I don't understand why it gets installed under ###### and then seems to disappear when I change the boot sequence.