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  1. ASUS's new BIOS 3xxx update is out. Once you update your BIOS you can't revert or downgrade 3k to 2k. I have ASUS P8P67 rev3.0 and had been in peace with 2303 BIOS. Updated to 3207, the patch script in olarila.com doesn't work anymore. I found generic dsdt patch script for my mobo. One is in Olarila.com and the other is in tonymac. Here goes the links. ASUS P8 generic BIOS 3k - http://olarila.com/P...BIOS%203xxx.txt Brycv's - link deleted. I'm still looking for ASUS P8P67(BIOS 3207) specific DSDT patch script. Any help will be appreciated. ps/ I dunno what the problem has been between. I don't want to be rude and follow the convention anyway.
  2. DSDT for Asus P8P67

    Now there is new BIOS version 3207 and prepatched DSDT for 2xxx version doesn't work anymore in 3207. FYI. no safe way to downgrade from 3207 to 2xxx.