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  1. Deleted

    If it helps, I have the exact opposite problem. If I use both boot managers, weird stuff like that happens, like Vista fails to boot regardless of what I do. And my Darwin Boot Manager defaults to OSX. If it helps, I installed Vista first.
  2. So Kiko's installer no work for anyone either?
  3. devilhood - I get the same problem as loki936, so I use the darwin boot loader. Have you tried using boot camp as the dual booting program instead of the darwin boot loader? Does it work and if it does, can you post a tutorial (since it's prettier than darwin and allows a "preferred" OS to be loaded automatically)?
  4. Intel Wireless driver

    To install you just open the .dmg file, right?
  5. Intel Wireless driver

    Oh, that makes sense now. That's why I can understand you, but I sometimes can't understand what's written on that page. I agree on sending jalavoui a 3945 card, they're only like $20 on ebay.
  6. Modifying the Darwin Boot Loader?

    It doesn't work for me, and like, my computer does become unbootable.
  7. Is it possible to rename the partitions to a more user-friendly name? Right now it's like hd(0,0) Unknown Windows NTFS and hd(0,1) Mac OS X Also, is it possible (and if it is, how?) to change the primary boot partition from Mac OS X to another OS in the Darwin Boot Loader?
  8. I did everything this said for the Vista boot loader.. but something interesting happened. When I select OS X, it loads the darwin bootloader. and the darwin bootloader defaults to Vista. How do you set the darwin bootloader default OS? Thanks in advance!
  9. Hm... the EasyBCD page is down. Here's an alternate link: http://www.softpedia.com/get/System/OS-Enh...s/EasyBCD.shtml
  10. I also get this error. Alienware m5550 (laptop) 2.0 core2duo t7200 2gb ram nVidia go 7600 Alienware® Intel® 945PM + ICH7 Chipset Used the JaS 10.4.8 DVD