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    Toshiba Portege M400, Native success

    Hi Siegfried and Grim Reaper , How did you make the internal LCD work? Is it possible for you to post the applicable kexts and outline the steps. I have the iAtkos S3 installed and the internal LCD either stays dark or gray. Output to the external monitor is fine (up to 1900x1620 I believe.) I have tried to generate and modify the dsdt.aml file according to several suggesttions scattered around the forums but none of the method works. The graphics card is identified as GMA950 with device ID 0x27a2. My laptop also has the sleep issue. If I put it to sleep, the external monitor would not wake up after sleep. For touchscroll and tap clicking, I installed the Alps Glidepoint and Voodoo kexts, but those capabilities are deactivated when the computer goes to sleep, I have to open the Trackpad reference and select Clicking option to turn those back on. The SD Card Reader is not recognized. Please advise if you have solutions to these issues. I installed the Upek software for Mac to use the fingerprint reader with no problem. Replacing the Wifi card with a the Mac compatible one for wireless access. Thanks a lot for your help,