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    reyder got a reaction from Fergarth in [pre-release] macOS Sierra 10.12.4   
    Someone can send me new kernel ? 12.12.5 version
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    reyder got a reaction from Sherlocks in Clover Problems and Solutions   
    Boot flag -xcpm is deprecated in Sierra. Instead of using fakecpuid try to patch kernel.
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    reyder reacted to chris1111 in No SATA disk listed on disk utility during installation process   
    He has just used the config.plist 
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    reyder got a reaction from Allan in El Capitan AppleHDA HDMI Audio   
    Great work but method IV is not working (ACPI/DSDT/Fixes/AddHDMI_8000000/YES). HDAU is injected properly but hda-gfx into GFX0 not. This method never worked.