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  1. EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    Yes, they tried, after flashing unmodified bios everytings backs to normal. The issue is that they can set xmp and manual values in bios but that makes no effect on system. Cpu-z (Windows) shows different values compered with those in bios. I modified module to allow setting any variable in nvram (that works) and replaced it using UEFITool. I albo tried using different version of UEFITool but no luck. Edit Seems to be It's uefitool issue.
  2. EFI Variable Store on Aptio V (Haswell-E and up)

    I heard from two people that replacing module to bypass whitelist on Z97 causes xmp issues (stuck 1600mhz). Patching oryginal module, effects in the same behaviour, any ideas why ? Btw great work guys, impressive work
  3. FileVault 2

    r4230 the same situation.
  4. FileVault 2

    It works fine you just cannot update the system.
  5. Patches for 10.13 PB1 Comment: xcpm bootstrap 10.13 PB1 Find: 89d804c4 3c22 Replace: 89d804c6 3c22 Comment: _xcpm_pkg_scope_msr Find: 488d3d8b 316600be 07000000 31d2e88ffcffff Replace: 488d3d8b 316600be 07000000 31d29090909090
  6. Someone can send me new kernel ? 12.12.5 version
  7. FileVault 2

    I'm using Intel+AMD (black screen during boot) solution for a working sleep. When I enable FV2 Will I have black screen while typing password ?
  8. Boot flag -xcpm is deprecated in Sierra. Instead of using fakecpuid try to patch kernel.
  9. AppleALC — dynamic AppleHDA patching

    Hello codec VT2021 doesn't work on Sierra. I can see that kext is injected, layout id set correctly but no outputs. I used latest version from github. Everything works on El capitan.
  10. My post is gone but I tested new version and now HDMI audio works but I have to use ReuseFFFF because DSM method Is not injected at all without it. In my logs: DBG("Creating Method(_DSM) for %04x card\n", DisplayVendor[VCard]); which is true but the method is not injected: if (!DISPLAYFIX) { for (j=devadr; j<devadr+devsize; j++) { //search card inside PEGP@0 if (CmpAdr(dsdt, j, 0xFFFF)) { //Special case? want to change to 0 devadr1 = devFind(dsdt, j); //found PEGP if (!devadr1) { continue; } devsize1 = get_size(dsdt, devadr1); //13 if (devsize1) { if (gSettings.ReuseFFFF) { dsdt[j+10] = 0; dsdt[j+11] = 0; DBG("Found internal video device FFFF@%x, ReUse as 0\n", devadr1); } else { NonUsable = TRUE; DBG("Found internal video device FFFF@%x, unusable\n", devadr1); } DISPLAYFIX = TRUE; break; } } } } 8:696 0:001 Found internal video device FFFF@3BD2, unusable What's 3BD2 ?
  11. El Capitan AppleHDA HDMI Audio

    Great work but method IV is not working (ACPI/DSDT/Fixes/AddHDMI_8000000/YES). HDAU is injected properly but hda-gfx into GFX0 not. This method never worked.
  12. OS X El Capitan DP's builds!

    I have radeon and exactly the same problem. If you wait a little bit longer you will see msg in logs kernel[0]: AMDFramebufferSI::setPowerState(0xd29e624ae045731, 0 -> 2) timed out after 45523 ms
  13. OS X El Capitan Test Thread

    Black screen after wake for me. Tried to fix it but no luck.
  14. Unfortunately still KP on my system randomly and during transfer files via wifi.