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  1. What's up guys, I searched around and can't put this into words because I don't know if it's possible! I had a 80GB iPod video and it got stolen out of my car (There's robberies in my neighborhood lately it's strange..) But they took my iPod and all of my music on iTunes was on there. I still have all of the music and the playlists, but I can't fit all of that music on my nano.. What I want to do is put those playlists onto my nano with out adding the artists to the nano? Not sure if some one understands what I'm trying to say.. I basically want to put a playlist onto my Nano but not upload the artists to take up more space.... If any one can please help me out! I used that other iPod for the gym and I don't like going in with out my music!! thanks a lot! -Matt
  2. So I'm in the market for a laptop but before I drop $1,700 on a new MBP, I hear that Apple will soon be replacing them all with a new line that has quad cores? But say if I did get this MBP, would I be able to exchange it and pay the difference that Apple would give? Just a concern because I like to keep up with technology and I would be pretty upset if I just dropped almost $2k and a newer improved setup just came out, thanks for any answers regarding my question, -Matt.
  3. InsanelyHacked!

    I was looking into getting a new e-mail either way =)
  4. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Oh, whoops, didn't see that one. Thanks man!
  5. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Can I please get the original to that wallpaper? The highest resolution you have to it? Thanks, -Matt.
  6. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    So I kept trying and played with the jumpers, and still nothing! GR! I'm really out of ideas now.
  7. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    Well, I need to press any button to get to the Apple screen first, and while waiting about 30 - 60 seconds, it shows the error on the Apple screen, that circle with the line through it.
  8. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    Yeah, that's the screen I get to your right monitor. But here's how I did it with my Sata drives now : 1) - I went into BIOS and configured the S.M.A.R.T. part you said, but I don't know what else to enable / disable from this part : 2) - I went into Boot Settings Priority and set it to these specs : 3) - I saved and exited, BIOS rebooted computer, and I inserted the disc. Then from there, it goes in this order : 4) - After that screen, I pressed F8 for the advanced settings and typed in -v. 5) - Once I typed -v, it goes through this little act, quick and easy: 6) - Then Darwin went through some of this, 4 seconds later, I get to the end which shows : This was all set on my Sata drives. I looked at the hard drive and the box, it said Sata doesn't require Master or Slave. And my optical drive doesn't even have jumpers on it. Only my IDE's have jumpers.
  9. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    When you PM'd me about having my hard drive completely empty, how do I go about doing that? Maybe it's reading it's full or something?
  10. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    I did as you said, and I can't even GET to the grey Apple screen. It says ' File not found, com.apple.boot pList not found ' . It says something along those lines. At least with my Sata drives hooked up, I get to the grey screen, it's just the fact I can't get past it. I even disabled the S.M.A.R.T. option with my Sata drives and still no luck. This is playing on my nerves now since I'm running out of ideas.
  11. I had gotten hold of the Jas 10.4.8 .iso and it won't go to the grey screen, then another member on here mentioned I should try out the 10.4.7 version (Either version, I don't care right now, as long as it works) So I got the 10.4.7 and it got to the grey apple screen, but then this came up : http://img266.imageshack.us/img266/3148/img005ct6.jpg So I play around with the drives, the BIOS a little, and I don't know what to do at all. After deciding to press F8 and see what's going on with this, I get to this part : http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/1543/img006aa9.jpg Still no idea but I know I've seen this error on here many times before. If any one can just help me bypass this problem, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks, -Matt.
  12. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    Okay, I tried pressing F8 while I was in the 10.4.7 disc and I got this : http://img48.imageshack.us/img48/1543/img006aa9.jpg Maybe that's why it keeps getting stuck on the grey screen with the circle and the slash through it?
  13. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    Okay cool, no worries. I wouldn't mind if you did get rid of it, that way I wouldn't have a bad problem. But I just tried to boot the disc with the Sata drives and I still get the error with the screen I showed at the grey Apple logo. I'm kind of giving up now sadly but I don't know what else to do. And when I search, I have to look through threads that have 100 or so pages and I don't have that much time sadly Is there any thing else I can consider doing at this point?
  14. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    Okay, I have a Sata DVD drive and an IDE hard drive. Should I try testing this out on both Sata drives, meaning my DVD drive and my hard drive?
  15. Got to grey Apple screen, then froze

    Alright, the only questions I have is the jumper configuration. I don't know what you mean by ' blue channel '. What's that mean exactly? Second, what is the S.M.A.R.T. thing you speak of? Never heard of it .. lol. I also had my hard drive preformatted on external enclosure to FAT32 so I don't think that's a big problem. Thanks for your help so far man, -Matt. By the way, I'm trying to boot this natively. I'm not using VMware or any emu. Just straight install.