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  1. more info plz example GA P35 DS3L Rev2.0 ICH9 ALC888 Intel Core2Duo E4600 @2.4Ghz Asus GF 8600GT 512 DDR2 Silent VGA WD 320 gb Sata2 Extra folder Do not use Time machine Do not use Dropbox, totalfinder etc If you have more than one HD, problem may be caused by NTFS partition. Use paragon ntfs driver There is also a lot of problems on real macs (try google finder crash on lion)
  2. Well, maybe Try to add EFI string for gpu (with EFI Studio etc) go to extra/open com.apple.boot.plist remove add Don't forget to repair permissions correctly after installation! (kext wizard 3.7.10 etc) Reboot If efi method still doesn't work for you remove Install NVEnabler_64bit (google it) with kext wizard in extra folder repair permissions, rebuild mkext reboot Check QE/CL Good luck
  3. sound like corrupted installation (files) -re download, follow tutorial carefully step by step -recreate new patched DSDT.aml link ga p35 ds3l here Lion works like a charm
  4. lemon tree

    Realtek 8139 does not work inLion

    try this Realtek RTL81xx.kext install location E/E
  5. GA P35 DS3L ALC888 ICH9 sound works fine x64 audio for ALC888.zip AppleHDA.kext s/l/e HDAEnabler e/e
  6. yap, works just fine bios f9, dsdt patched with DSDT Auto-Patcher alc888 ich9 works with alc888.kext
  7. GA P35 DS3L rev 2.0 Lion 11A511 works great, dual boot with SL 10.6.8 If you don't have usb 8gb, create 15 gb (hfs+) partition instead and its always there ready to do os reinstall
  8. yap there is chameleon 2 rc5 1083
  9. @XLR Ske just continue to next step