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  1. SpeedStepper (now supports Mountain Lion 10.8.3)

    Thanks very much flAked and dgsga.
  2. SpeedStepper (now supports Mountain Lion 10.8.3)

    Hi flAked. I got a laptop asus u31sd(sandbridge). When I frustrated for speedstep, your stepper gave me big help. It was great. I'm very appreciate it. And I'm just wondering something. Is it possible to use dsdt, If I don't use this patch and patch dsdt? because I just want to use only dsdt like gigabyte board. thanks again flAked.
  3. Request Asus u31sd dsdt.

    Great it works well. thanks MaLd0n.
  4. Request Asus u31sd dsdt.

    thanks MaLd0n. But still I have to use NullCPUPowermanagement.kext. If I don't use this kext, I can't boot osx because of kp. So what could i do? Should I keep using this one?
  5. Request Asus u31sd dsdt.

    My laptop information. Cpu i3-2310m Vga- Geforce gt 520m Sound- Realtek alc 269 Lan- atheros 8151 Wireless atheros 9002wb I need patched dsdt to boot with apple acpi,apci and to fix my laptop cpu's full loading. and I can't shut down even using evroreboot.kext. So if anyone pached dsdt, I wish to have it. thanks. dsdt.aml.zip
  6. Lion installation via USB stick using Chameleon

    My laptop is Asus U31sd. Could you make dsdt for me? Here is my dsdt extracted from ubuntu. thanks MaLd0n dsdt.zip