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  1. Yeah I was only able to drag the destination folder address to command prompt but had to manually type in the patch to get it to work. Glad it worked for you...
  2. I had the same issue, did you open up command prompt as administrator? That was my whole problem, once I opened up command prompt as Admin, and pointed it to the patch it installed successfully...I had the patch saved to my download folder and then copied the address over to the prompt, then typed in install.cmd and boom success.
  3. Ok, my bad...I got it working now. But just wanted to let people know I had to open the command prompt up as administrator and then direct it to the patch. Right clicking Install.cmd and running as administrator doesn't work...weird because on your workstation 7 patch i right clicked the install.cmd. But thanks for your help, excited to get this Lion working:)
  4. working on getting you a screen shot...having issues, but I'll get the pics up shortly
  5. don't know what I am doing wrong, but patch is not working for me...got a fresh copy of workstation 8 installed with the build prevalent to this patch. I right clicked install.cmd and ran as administrator and couldn't really see what all it was saying but when I opened workstation 8 after restarting..OS X doesn't show up as guest:( I uninstalled it as well and made sure none of workstation's process were running. I'm on Windows 7 64bit Home Premium if that helps out. Am I missing something? Otherwise excited to try to get Lion running virtually. The patch for Workstation 7 worked excellent on my laptop btw.
  6. You have 3 options possibly that I can honestly think of that may help you as I am on an AMD as well. 1. Update Workstation 7.0 to 7.1.4 and then rerun donk's guest os patch 2. Find a pre-built snow leopard that has AMD/Intel Listed. I can use 10.6.6 it's almost 3gig in size 3. iAtkos S3 V2 also works for me-it's 10.6.2 but I've updated it all the way to 10.6.7 using legacy kernel's. If you list more info on your specs I'm sure someone here could possibly help you.
  7. ckirkp79

    Help! Trying to install Mac OS X on my Laptop

    Just an update-I'm still trying to "create" a custom disc to install snow leopard with. So far haven't been successful and I'm running out of dvds:( If I could find a way to burn it all to my 16gb flash drive it would help because unetbootin nor lili live usb will actually work. Restoring from a virtual mac doesn't work either as I have tried to restore an image on my virtual one and it always fails...but I remember actually being successful one time...it may have been with leopard virtualized and not snow.
  8. ckirkp79

    Help! Trying to install Mac OS X on my Laptop

    You have given me a glimmer of hope! Yeah I'm working on trying to install now using -v -f -x and i keep stopping at the ACPI: System State [s0 s3 s4 s5] (s3) but it moves further than any other distro so I know one day after researching and building the install to suit my laptop I will be up and running. But thank you so very much on the links you provided! I can't wait to see what else I can dig up. And I will most definitely start a new thread with everything I had to do, plus if I have to build from scratch..I'll put everything I used on here as well-I know there has to be someone out there who'd like everything they've done in one spot...thank you again.
  9. ckirkp79

    Help! Trying to install Mac OS X on my Laptop

    Thank you for all the links...I will def read into them..and I have been reading for 5 plus years now...when I owned my daughters HP Pavilion G62, which was back in 2009-it wasn't compatible with anything at all...I tried for about a year on that (and lo and behold it can now boot up a snow leopard install) but that's her laptop now...so before that one I had another toshiba that it didn't work on and even the Dell I first had wasn't compatible but it is now. I know that as the months/years move, the older hardware becomes compatible for some form of Mac OS X. And as my newest laptop was a birthday present-I didn't have a say on what should be bought. I know AMD processors are hell, but I have the hint of glimmer since snow leopard runs in VMWare, that it can also run natively. Qpootz (don't know if I spelled it right) Kernel 1.3.0 is the one I am using now...I did a fresh reinstall of Iatkos under Workstation...and this time only selected that kernel this time. I believe I will take apart the iso and put one together for my laptop based on what is running in vmware and my hardware...At least if someone else happens to have the same kind of laptop I do, and ends up wanting to tinker with Snow Leopard, they will have this thread to look at and get a start. And another side note, I have googled the {censored} out of google concerning my laptop and snow leopard. No one out there has even tried putting OS X on my laptop...and my laptop dates back in 2010 which is very odd..
  10. I got a fresh install of Iatkos S3 V2 installed on my Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7049, and installed Utorrent afterwards I installed Utorrent and it worked fine. However I upgraded via combo update to 10.6.4 and used the Legacy 10.4 kernel and now Utorrent only crashes. I have tried installing it after doing a combo update to 10.6.5 and 10.6.6...and still it crashes. It will bring up a window saying Ignore, Report or Reopen and Reopen does nothing. I love Utorrent, and I want to run the latest Snow Leopard Possible. Can anyone help me out please, I've searched to no extent on how to fix the issue... Thanks in Advance
  11. ckirkp79

    Help! Trying to install Mac OS X on my Laptop

    Yes, I have tried Nawcoms modcd and it didn't work. I don't have a "genuine" snow leopard disc, but I was able to get the 10a432 iso and that didn't even work. Funny thing is, I just tried Iatkos s3 v2 in vmware with a fresh install (which Hazzard or others would never load) but this one did load and I have a fresh install of Iatkos running in Workstation 7. Burned the Iatkos disk and no joy when I tried to install natively. Thing is when I installed Iatkos, under the kernels there were 3 diff kernels for AMD processors and I selected them all so I don't even know which one is the one working. I'm happy it's working in vmware but I'd like to figure out how to free up resources in windows 7 so my snow leopard could take it all.
  12. ckirkp79

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello Everyone, my name is Christina and I'm in Ohio. I've been "trying" to hackintosh for 7 yrs now and haven't even succeeded with a Virtual Machine until I got my Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7049. If anyone has the same laptop as me, please pm me if you succeeded with a dual boot installation. This forum has helped me quite a bit, but still need a little bit more help
  13. So I have been trying to install any form of OS X on my laptops. I've been at this for 5 plus years and I have reached a boiling point. My daughters laptop is compatible with it, but I don't want to mess her system up. My laptop is newer, and I've tried IAtkos, Ideneb, Leo4all, Hazzard, Kalyway...no success at all. My specs are below: Toshiba Satellite L675D-S7049 AMD Turion II Dual Core 2.4ghz P540 4 GB DDR3 Memory 500 GB Samsung Hard Drive ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250 I have AHCI enabled in the Bios. Still no luck. I've even tried reg Leopard, no luck. I usually get to the following after booting -v : ACPI: Early EC Access Region Detected. I know the discs work because they work in my daughter's HP laptop..I get all the way to the install but I cancel it out so I don't mess anything up. Snow Leopard works under VMWare, which I thought since it worked there it should work with my laptop...I just put ubuntu on it last week...so I'm going to try again and see if maybe the disc will see another partition open for it to install...but I don't see that going well. Can anyone please help me. Macbuntu on Ubuntu isn't enough to satisfy my thirst for any OS X after I've played with it on VMWARE. If it's not possible to install on my machine-can someone tell me how I can make it like a real machine in VMWare and be able to allocate all my memory and resources to the Virtual Mac? Thanks in advance, hopefully