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  1. Farewell Revogirl.

    oh...what a loss...RIP it's allright to have a spiritual guide but don't follow Steve Jobs everywhere!
  2. Stuck at whitescreen

    well, rockinron_1, I must buy u a drink...thank u very much bud...as I was suspected, that was the problem... there wasn'n needed any other flags [use -v anyway] so, installed, from a kakewalk* usb [used z68x-ud3-b3 predefined mobo] and after the install, I have reinstalled the ati6000.kext...repaired permissions I felt necessary to change the dsdt with the one of the tony's specially designed dsdt for my board [z68x-ud5-b3] --latest chimera and now, everything seems to be ok** didn't tested yet the sleep, since my hktosh is still defined as macpro3 I think I will redefine it as imac12,2 and then I'll test the sleep again, thank you...what's your preferred beer? ) *kakewalk manual has a small error at Step 4 / 4. Select Install to USB [it should be 'Install Kakewalk']... in fact is somehow logic the installer, then never ends, but, after some couple of minutes u can exit, it has done its job ** audio--ok ethernet--ok graphics--ok sleep... testing-----ok icloud...testing-----ok usb3... don't have such a device, but I think is fine good luck everybody
  3. Stuck at whitescreen

    thank you very muchthat must be the case... i'm getting into it...i'll report it back here hopefully from a new ML install
  4. Stuck at whitescreen

    a video about nothing...a white screen, would be stupid...I'm not at my first hackintosh... this is not a matter of flags, or may be a questions of boot ..plist so...I start booting from a kakewalk usb [defined as z68x-ud3] , is same scenario like with uni-bi-st tried booting with -v, DSDT=No, -f -x... nothing...when it shoud show the welcome screen, it becomes completelly white, and stays like that also, in boot.plist...tried graphics enabler = yes / no, smc...plist...defined imac12,1/12,2/macpro3,1 still nothing tried also, the power button to put it on sleep, but then it doesn't wake up completelly disarmed... dunno what to do
  5. Stuck at whitescreen

    i always use '-v' this 'whitescreen' is something different...
  6. Stuck at whitescreen

    doesn't work same symthoms any news?
  7. never could say it better happened to me...same hardware...same misleading...same needs...same disappointment unfortunately ...not same skills in working it out painfully missing my 10.6.7...I will tattoo "Don't fix whats working fine" already hate lion, someone said it better: is the 'vista' of apple so, let me ask you is there any change/news in your guide? could you post your dsdt [what bios version]? could you post the extra-kext package? i don't know if you noticed, but your thread is the only one in the world concerning snow leopard on z68x-ud5 [questions are also for d3m3tr1x] thank you
  8. I've got sleep/wake...all right but also got random CMOS reset and sound problems so, for sleeping right just fix your smbios.plist with imac12.2 characteristics <key>SMproductname</key> <string>iMac12,2</string>
  9. hi Vic-Viper thanks 4 the guide have the same MB [GA-Z68X-UD5-B3] ...F7 followed more or less your guide (have different video-hd6870)...still got issues...working on [still not completely convinced that 'iMac 12.2" covers all the Power Management issues, excluding video...still got random KP (kernel_task)] did u tried to upgrade to 10.7.2 ? thanks
  10. hi, as you've asked, here is an unmodified dsdt* of Ga-Ex58-Extreme (Bios F13t-GK...softly overclocked...bclk-190) F13t_GK.zip if you patch it, please send it back to me, for testing...thanks *extracted from win7
  11. hi D00d & everybody, I keep reading/ monitoring this thread...on and on... pardon my ignorance, but with every piece of info that I get deeper into the dsdt, it gets more confusing>frustrating*... I know this is a versatile and volatile subject, since, with every solved issue, it gets into another, then, you don't have a single minute to enjoy a small victory, 'couse it appears another upgrade, another bios, another tool, another approach...and so on... that's why, I'm really tired by now, but I cannot give up, before kindly ask you: could you PLEASE, make a small summary of what we've got 'till now...in terms of: -hardware+bios >< dsdt >< macosx vers. this is (in my view) the only approach in getting closer to the answer of the hottest question here: what is the perfect** situation? [?-bios/?-dsdt/?-osx.vers.]*** thank you *-that could be an apple's strategy **- as you said, perfect means the closest to the real thing ***- my 'perfect' state was on 10.6.7, but I've lost my backup, and now I'm floating on a boat without wheel and compas, 'couse, almost everything I knew became obsolette
  12. @AppleIIGuy , hi, I tried that, but no luck...is there any trick? could u post some more details? is there some other kexts that I should remove from DD's 'hackinstaller' pack? is there some flags/lines that I should add/remove from *.plist? thanks [ with those looong booting times, without sleep, this is almost unusable...] [ex-58 extreme / i7-920-D0 / nv-gts250-1024mb] later edit: tried everything...even restored back the previous 'sleepenabler', but still no sleep state... what can I do? please help
  13. RME HDSP MacOSX (x86) drivers released

    hi all so had anybody found a solution for SL-64bit kext for RME 9632 [PCI] ??? this card is the only thing that keeps me from booting in 64bit many thanks
  14. CruiSAr, it would be a good ideea to post your altern'guide to the Gigabyte section of the wiki project...here is quite difficult to cease it through hundred of pages ... or here in the dB hardware dB ... anyway, thanks ... LE is there any new/better kexts compared to the DD's package [except sleepenabler.kext] ?
  15. I've solve that [switching the bootloader to Chameleon'04], but I've discovered that the 'shutdown' function is not shuting down completelly the computer [black screen, power-led is on, some vents still running...I'm analysing the problem and I'll return with more details... thank you