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  1. Hangs and reboots on reformatting 64bit kernal.... I'm beyond pissed off right about now because all of the hardware in my laptop is said to be supported and this is like the 15th method I've tried... I can boot into the bootmgr just find but the screen goes all glitch colors on non verbose, on verbose it gets to the 5th line or so with the the formatting 64 bit and then it just reboots... every single time. Specs in sig for machine attempting to install on. Any help? There is no CD drive on my laptop and even if there was my bios doesn't have an AHCI option which I was told I didn't have to worry about with USB install method. Ugh.
  2. My USB's are not showing up using Oracle VM Virtual box - I have filters set up properly. Have tried with/without filters. Have tried connecting/disconnecting/ejecting USB drives from Local Machine still not showing in Disk Utility in Virtual Box. Should I try a different virtualization software? Am I missing something?
  3. daskdt


    Solved. I'll be making a full USB Drive ONLY install guide once I get it 100% installed and working since there isn't even a half decent one (imo) on here for ML
  4. I'm trying to install OSX 10.8.X on my ultrabook but there is no option in bios to set SATA Control mode to AHCI or to set HPET to 64 bit. Am I screwed? Is there away around this, or do I just skip changing those settings? Thanks! (Specs of ultrabook in my sig)
  5. daskdt

    Quiz Part 2

    Right - because questions such as "Which OS is the best choice for a 10 year old computer." Which is entirely subjective depending on objectives for things such as usage and distro - legal or not. Personally I would install Win XP Tiny Rev05 on a 10 year old computer hands down over Mac or Linux but I have a feeling the desired answer might be Linux. I don't really feel some of the questions are really all that fair. Good question: How fast is the theoretical speed of USB 2.0 Bad Question: Who said [enter quote] OR Which OS is best [finish statement]
  6. daskdt

    Quiz Part 2

    Any way to see what Q's I'm getting wrong? Any way to get a list of Q's to study? Really effing sick of getting 15/20 and having to be quizzed on quotes from famous people that have nothing to do with knowing how computers work. Also, can't find answer to boot record being stored on sector 0 vs last sector, anyone mind educating me?