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  1. Kaliway 10.5.1 not working

    Ok - I will share with you some wisdom, having utilized this board now for the past 3 weeks. First - asking open ended questions rarely gets you any responses. This is a transient board, where people really don't stay that long (only use it while they are tinkering). Thus, the best way to get information is to investigate on your own. Find people here who are doing what you are, and then ask them. Some of the things I have found useful... 1. Only boot with -v -f cpus=1 The -x is safety mode, and is not necessary (typically). Using these (3) switches together helped me to get further in the process. 2. Check the MD5 of your ISO you are using to burn your Kalyway My internet connection is sporadic, such that my isos were downloading with VERY MINOR corruptions. Such corruptions spell disaster for these installers... 3. Don't be afraid to use various distros... I have tried Kalyway, Brazil, TOH, Uphuck, and Leo4all. Thus far, only Leo4all installed. Hope that helps - Good luck... It is a great feeling when you finally crack the problem and get things to work... ~above~
  2. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    This has already been answered in this thread - Read through it carefully, and you will find your answer. ~above~
  3. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    Hey Eddie - After downloading V2 once again, verifying the MD5 - I was able to get Leo4all installed with minimal pain... I now have a dual booting Vista + Leopard. I cannot wait to iron out these driver issues (I currently have none...) I just wanted to say thanks for the great support - and more importantly - an awesome distro My Mac Tablet ROCKS!!!! ~above~
  4. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    Thanks for the information Eddie - I burnt the disc at 2x - but I definitely did NOT check the MD5 (because I really don't know how) - I am gonna google it right now. I appreciate the feedback - Your the man!!! ~above~ EDIT: For those that are unsure how to check the MD5 - go HERE to download md5sum.exe - utiilize the command prompt to use it (google is your friend)
  5. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    Does anyone have an idea on this problem - any and all help would be greatly appreciated... ~above~
  6. Leo4All-10.5.2 Universal AMD/INTEL[SSE2/SSE3]

    Hello Eddie - I am a big fan of Leo4All - however I cannot get it to install on my Tablet = Asus R1E (GMA x3100, C2D T7700) I can boot from the cd - run the -v -f cpus=1 switches, and get pretty far in the installation loading process (but never to the GUI) There appears to be several issues with the loading on my tablet... After all of thye HFS+ files load - the screen skips to the script loading screen (unsure what it is called) After MAC Framework is Successfully initialized - I have several problems 1. .ACPIPS2nub fails to load 2. mDNSResponder cannot find / load any files that it attempts to 3. Finally - the install is unable to mount any od my partitions: an album with my error pics to help: Error Album Any and all help you guys can give would be greatly appreciated... ~above~
  7. Install freezes - on an Asus R1E HELP!

  8. Serious help with iATKOS installation

    adding the -v -f cpus=1 switch allows me to get further in the install using leo4all v2 However - it still craps out some problems that I have seen: ACPIPS2nub is failing to load It seems like the installer cannot access the raidcontroller Finally - it says it cannot mount my partition - and finally hangs not long after: any thoughts? my cpu is a C2D T7700 ~above~
  9. Serious help with iATKOS installation

    I just wanted to share my experience / frustration as well... I am attempting to intsall OSX Leopard on a completely different machine - Asus R1E (Tablet) - but am having similar struggles. With iAtkos - I was unable to get very far at all. I have tried Leo4all, Brazilmac, and a few versions of tiger distros - the furthest I get is with Kalyway 10.5.2 I have a kernel panic after loading most information - just before setup would typically start. Any thoughts on getting around Kalyway kernel panics??? Perhaps loading generic drivers into the install DVD vs specific drivers? ~above~
  10. Install freezes - on an Asus R1E HELP!

  11. Hello - I am an OSx86 Newbie - but I have had some experience with HPUX, SUN, and windows... I am attempting to install leopard on an Asus R1e Specs: Intel Core2Duo T7700 Intel GMA 965 (x3100) vid 4gb Ram 160gb SATA HD SATA DVDRW I have tried iAtkos, Leo4all, Kalyway 10.5.1, BrazilMac patch DVD. Of these - the iAtkos and Leo4All error out very quickly after booting with the -v switch Kalyway 10.5.1 will load all of the extensions - flckers the apple logo, then reboots Brazilmac will load all of the extensions, then lock up just after stating "MAC Framework has been Successfully initialized" I know that some people have managed to load leopard on the Asus R1F - which is very similar to the R1E (but has the GMA950 and a slower Core2Duo) Any help would be greatly appreciated. ~above~
  12. My Journey to Leopard...

    Day 2: 4-4-08 Leo4all does not boot... I get to the darwin loader screen - where i can push any key to continue - scrolls a couple lines - and then reboots... That is all I get from Leo4all - I am now investigating other methods... I will report back anything I find. Has anyone here been given the shaft by more than one distribution??? had did you overcome it... ~above~
  13. My Journey to Leopard...

    Hello All, I am new to the forum, new to the OSx86 Project - but I am not new to Apple or any of its products. I have missed my OSX TIger, ever since I sold my iBook and switched to my current Tablet PC (which is necessary as a 1st yr Pharmacy student). I have decided to build a dual boot machine - with Vista and OSX Leopard. The Tools: Asus R1e Tablet with a T7700 Core2Duo and 4gb of Ram Leo4all Leo4allv1-PPF InsanelyMac Forum Day 1: 4-3-08 Used already downloaded iATKOS - and followed online tutorials... I could never make it to Disk Utility to produce the HFS+ partition (using -v option in Darwin) After spending multiple hours TS- I decided maybe this was not the best way for me... then I found this forum. Located Leo4all - which looks like a good option for me - began downloading, along with the v1-PPF by eddie I have used the diskpart command in vista command prompt with the id=af switch to produce a 54 gb primary patition - at the very end of my internal harddrive that currently has Vista loaded. So this is where I sit now - waiting for my download to finish (with great anticipation) Does anyone have any comments / pearls of wisdom they wish to impart upon me??? Or even any suggestions... all are welcome - I cannot wait for Leopard!!! ~above~