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  1. I really don't care. Yes, the EULA says you can only install on Apple hardware, BUT in no way, shape or form were we agreeing to APPLE'S TERMS, we were agreeing to our DISTRO'S terms. Therefore, it is legal. Mac OS X was specifically designed to run on Macs. The way the hackers have hacked, the architcture has been completely modified to run on "rougue" hardware. In a way, it is no longer Mac OS X, it is whatever your distro is, another open-source OS. Plus, when you go to About This Mac, it doesn't regiser as OX X, it registers as your distro, doens't it? In conclusion, it depends on your view of the EULA and how well you can effectively bend the law to your will. This argument has saved me from a pile of lawsuits, so it should save you.] If you have any more questions, email me at jdog_yttg@live.com.au