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  1. I bought a powerbook !
  2. spiritofseth

    Success - Dell Inspiron 1000

    sorry, dont know anything about that model.
  3. spiritofseth

    Fresh installation=new panel in preferences

    yah I did the same thing and got processor nap as an option that does nto work.
  4. spiritofseth

    Damn you Jobs!

    I got a nice powerbook titanium 667 mhz for 450 on ebay, everyone is getting drunk so ebay prices r nice right now.
  5. spiritofseth

    Damn you Jobs!

    guess who bought a 667 mhz 15' G4 powerbook on ebay Mr Jobs I think this may be the begining of a beautiful relationship
  6. spiritofseth

    Success - Dell Inspiron 1000

    congrats so just to clear up something, are you using a inspiron 1000, or 1100 if you have an 1100 I can help you.
  7. spiritofseth

    "Still waiting for root device" errors... a theory

    I had this problem and almost gave up till this follow those directions 100 % and if you on a laptop make sure your boot order has HDD first CD second, next thing, make sure you totally erase whatever images are on your harddrive, nuke them, I had darwin and OSX actually installed ontop of DARWIN! but it had issues there fore make sure you use disk utility to completely erase whatere partitions you have. dont use the knoppix method as its terrible and is causing these issues becasue it is an image of a working machine tat is not your own.
  8. spiritofseth

    Success , Dell Inspiron 110 ,screw You Jobs

    um well I used this and a malkar ISO to make the proper DVD, it is necessary that you read the instruction Here from top to bottom, CHECK YOUR MD5 SUMS! I didnt the first time cause I didnt wanna wait for a second DL, but you have to, you can find the 2 necessarry part on various torrent sites like torrentreactor or pirate bay, I will not send the torrent. to set up audio you should follow the audio guide on the wiki here, I can send the Kext as it is open source if you PM me. cheers Josh
  9. spiritofseth

    Success , Dell Inspiron 110 ,screw You Jobs

    k now Im not going to send a CD images, what file do you need? pm me your email address and what file you need. EDIT: I will only send open source files BTW like butchered darwin pieces N such.
  10. spiritofseth

    Thoughts On Vista

    hey yall need to be nicer, Vista is still a tech release for Driver writers mostly, the interface is just an extension of XP, its like runing linux without KDE or Xwindows , or gnome, they just have the XP interface painted onto it. Beta 2 is supposed to reveal more about the upcoming user interface which I do believe will be chaulk full o eye candy and user features a'la OSX which Microsoft happens to own a 150 million $ chunk of. (hmmm nice interface apple-microsoft). Im sure my future powerbook will dual boot into vista.
  11. spiritofseth

    Success , Dell Inspiron 110 ,screw You Jobs

    okay guys Screw you was a joke lets not get carried away kinda like the screw you trebec from SNL, and your absolutely right I will buy a powerbook when they come out, Ill prob. be on the waiting list as a matter o fact, next issue OSX is super stable under inspirion 1100 however there r 2 problems, the common power issue and no QE and core image support, I saw some threads on QE but am having problems with time, when I can actually get outta these CCNA books and crapy AOL job (retention mind you) I may have more time to figure something out, otherwise if ur not looking to play games your perfectly set with the default hardware, I am using bios a31. I can say that ilife and microsoft office work just fine and have little or no slow downs beyond the initial startup, the dell I am using is my wifes inspirion 1100 2.0 ghz celeron 20 gb HD 512 mb ram 533 mhz FSB. integrated audio is fine and so is the belkin adapter that I purchased (though my school network refuses me for an unknown reason). good luck with battery life, contact me with further questions.
  12. spiritofseth

    Success , Dell Inspiron 110 ,screw You Jobs

    ypu I have a belkin adapter with WEP and all functions using the ralink drivers you can fing at www.ralink.com.tw under support u can find more info in this forum, now as for sleep and core image and quartz I have found some forum posts about quartz but its all jumbled, neway sleep looks like it wont work for some time and good luck getting any half decent battery life.
  13. spiritofseth

    Working Wireless (USB and Ralink)

    Maybe this is a dumb question, I am trying to connect to the school network with my belkin USB adaptor which works just fine with my home network, I have checked with the school techs and they say that all I have to do is select HCCwireless, of course I do so but I am only getting a one way connection, uplink, I cannot get a proper IP address assigned, there is no encryption on this network, however when u first sign on (and I can in windows XP) I get a redirect to a login page which is where u would normlly log in. so I am wondering if anyone else if having an access problem where they should not be? also I am totally new to macs so maybe I am missing a setting somewhere?
  14. spiritofseth

    [HowTo] Intel 8xx 1280x800 Full Support

    Okay so how about an intel 845Gl ? what procedure out of this entire thread is best for that paticular card or should I throw my laptop in the well?