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  1. Lion on pentium 4

    yes it is a 32 bit bad luck for me than grtz
  2. Lion on pentium 4

    Hey I was wondering, there is a possibility to instal mac osx lion on a pentium 4 processor? I tried to start up from cd (Iatkos L1 disk) but when the grey apple appears my computer doesn't do anything anymore. After 2 hours it's still on the grey apple so I turned my pc of. Is it possible to install lion or do i have to stay on snow leopard? grtz
  3. Garageband and Logic pro problem

    no, it didn't work in the audio midi setup i can't change my sample rate and in logic my sample rate is already 48000Khz but i still get that error grtz
  4. Garageband and Logic pro problem

    first of all thanks for your answer and I just installed logic 9 and it opened fine so you don't have to do anything grtz
  5. Heey, I just installed logic pro and garageband but i have a problem. When I push play, it works for about 4 seconds and than i get an error that tells me the following: I searched on the apple site for a solution but nothing works I had to change the sample rate but i can't find anything about this... I'm Running Iatkos V3 s2 my soundcard is a Cmedia Cmi9880 and i'm using the Voodoo driver Is there someone who can help me please Thx grtz By the way, Sorry for my bad English.
  6. Geforce 9600GT Problem

    thanks, but i think i've found the problem, after i installed the full office bundle the problem encored. i did a clean install of mac and after that i installed office without the remote desktop and now it seems the problem doesn't appear anymore grtz
  7. Geforce 9600GT Problem

    Hey, i'm new here and i have a question I've just successfully installed Mac OS X Snow Leopard on my pc But i've a small question. On my first boot, everything graphical seems to be Ok, I've a transparent menu bar and so on. But when i reboot my pc, it's no more transparent and my front row doesn't work anymore. I think my problem is my graphical card. I've already read about the the geforce 9600Gt and I know it's not easy to get it working. Another option can be my Office 2011 on mac, always after this installation I have that problem. My setup is: Intel Pentium 4 Nvidia geforce 9600GT 2Gb ram Can someone please help me with this problem? By the way, i've already enabled Nv enabler or graphics enabler or something like that I'm using Iatkos S3 V2 Thanks! Grtz