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  1. Dell Studio XPS 7100

    I love the new mac os x, and have rlly started hating Windows. I want Lion on my computer that's about one year old. I have some knowledge about osx is built, but not much which is why I need help. I'm planning to have Mac OS X as the main and only OS on the system, but not until Lion is fully bootable and updatable. To know exactly what my pc is built of, i am providing a system info text file attached to this post. System_info.txt
  2. Dell Dimension 8400

    Even though it installed it boots with a kernel panic, even from the disc. I previously installed 10.4.6 and it worked but to unfortunately the audio and network hardware didn't work. Please help me fix this and help me fid drivers 2 install on the pc. The computer is basically worthless when running Windows.
  3. MAC OS X86 on DELL D800

    hi, i have a dell dimension 8400 im trying 2 install. i followed the instruction given until the trminal said that the comand In could not be found!