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  1. HOW TO: commercial dvd playback

    hey thanks for the info i got it to work but i am facing somehow a problem: the "smoothness" of the movie depends on the window size... the smaller the window the smoother the video runs... i have a asus z9100 laptop (1.6ghz sse2 centrino ati 9700 mobility radeon 512 mb ddr ram)
  2. play music with itunes from a ntfs disk

    wow thanks guys kinda embarrasing... sorry...
  3. Hi I have all my music files on an external usb drive. if i want to play any song with itunes it copies it to the mac osx partition. Is there anyway around that? thank you
  4. Asus Z9100 Laptop

    it basically runs perfectly with a few exeptions. there is no sound and no wireless. (the ac97 did not work for me) it runs on a centrino 1.7 ghz cpu and ati mobility radeon 9700 realtek lan works realtek audio does not intel bg 2200 does not work either. it is dual boot installed. 512 mb ddr ram my biggest problem is that as soon as i go to system preferences and want to go to international the computer slows down and closes all other running programs if i do force quit. i do not get into the international menu. if you know a way to change the system language or just the keyboard language to german please let me know. all usb works fine even a ps2 to usb converted keyboard mouse bundle from logitech (wireless) and an external hard drive. it shows and lets me work with the windows ntfs partition. did not try burning a dvd or cd or watch a dvd will do that soon and tell you. btw asus laptops rock!!!