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  1. I just had the same issue, what I did was spotlight displays, then used voice over to guide me to the correct tab and button.
  2. Success and failure

    OH YEAH! Ok, well as you can see above I had previously had great success install on an ATI Express based PC, but something was causeing my notebooks install to last hours. I just tried installing off of 2 usb dvd drives and no dice. So I used Carbon Copy Cloner to back up the desktops install onto a small usb drive. With that I was able to simply "Restore" useing OS X's Disk Utility off the install DVD. 10 minutes. It took 10 minutes to copy over the install, and it runs like a dream. Acronis OS selector comes up just as it should and Windows XP works fine as well. Now I just need to get silly things like the network and sound cards running. But who cares about those little details?
  3. Success and failure

    Well, thanks to this forum and the magic of the search button, my desktop now runs mac os x just fine, though I need to configure it and tweak a few things. My laptop though - a celeron m based Toshiba with ATI's express 200m chipset and integrated graphics - is another story. Boots installer fine, begins the install but I cancel it after about an hour. Why? Because according to the installer it will take about another 14 HOURS to finish the install. While I'm a pretty patient man, I'm not patient enough to devote 14 hours to just TRYING to install an operating system. If anybody could offer any suggestions on how to deal with this, I'd be very much abliged (how do you spell that word anyway?) As my Desktop is also an intel, and also has the ATI express 200 chipset, I'm thinking of takeing an image of the installed os using the os x installer, and just blasting that onto my notebooks harddrive just to see what would happen. Thanks in advance, Chuck Laptop - Toshiba LS25-s1193 Celeron M Dothan core (SSE2) ATI express 200m ATI 200m IGP 128mb shared 1gb system ram (before share) 60gb hdd 5400rpm TSST CD-RW/DVD Combo Desktop Pentium D 805 (sse2, sse3) ECS RC410L/800-M main board ATI Express 200 chipset Nvidia 7600GT by Evga 2gb system ram 300gb Hitachi IDE HDD 7200RPM LiteOn 16x DVD burner The version i installed was Jas 10.4.8 SSE2 SSE3 AMD Beta 2 Sorry about all the specs but I figure you'll need them if you want to give me any advice. Oh, one more thing, in order to get the system to run properly I have to set CPU=1 and disable a core. Does anyone no if there will be a patch to allow my dual core system to be dual core under 0sx86? Again, thank you to everyone who has, in the past, discussed their install problems, solutions, and success storys here, they were a great help.