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  1. So I'm getting this: after following this guide. So obviously Chamelon is working, the USB is booting properly, but something is off seeing as how right after all the kexts fly by it instantly reboots, no error (this is actually a frame from a video, otherwise I couldn't even see the last line!). I've tried: -x, -v, -f, GraphicsEnabler=yes & no, cpus=1 (and 4) and there are no differences. I have a Asrock P67 Pro3, with an i5 2500K and a Radeon 6950. I know I've been able to boot Lion install disks before, and find it odd that ML would fail at such an early stage here. Any ideas?
  2. How do you make an iAtkos L2 bootable DVD?

    I don't think the issue is that it "doesn't" work, but rather the fact that the .iso is a Mac/PC hybrid ISO, so it's probably just the lack of support from Windows to burn those type of discs properly, hence the need for Transmac.
  3. Asrock P67 Pro3 - Almost there

    http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.php/HCL_10.7.2 According to the wiki it would appear my board (although I have non-SE, not sure the difference) is supported. I also have an i5 2500k with a Radeon 6950. I am using iAtkos L2, on a DVD it boots and installs fine. From the extra options I am disabling graphics enabled, using the ATIY (I believe was the name) for the Radeon, some ethernet options, ALC 8xx with HDA Enabler on 892 and I believe that's it. After installation I boot up Lion normall, start to hear music with a grey screen and a moving cursor, but it never gets past that. I had previously attempted some more vanilla settings, which were with Graphics Enabler on and w/o the ATIY option, but it was the same thing (in this install I also tried the GraphicsEnabler=no option with same effect, -x -v just boots up into same thing too). I'm not exactly sure where to go from here. Most of the fixes I'm reading are post-install, but my Lion hasn't continued into the actual user setup yet because of this.
  4. Fake Trash?

    I have a friend with a seriously bad habit of deleting files, and emptying the trash instantly. Numerous occasions I have to walk through a futile attempt of recovery. Is there an app or anything that I can install for her that can give her the satisfaction of "deleting" something, when in reality its only moving to a fake trash? While the real ones remind hidden in another folder, for those just in case situations? She does not have an external drive or anything to use Time Machine, heck, I'd be good enough if it was some weird script that makes a shadow copy of any of her files into some hidden folder somewhere else on the drive.
  5. Attempting Vista+OSx86 dual-boot

    All right, it seems I have gotten further with your tip. Disk utility saw the FAT32 partition. Unfortunately, when I selected it to erase, the installation reboot again. The second time I was able to get the installation working, I reformatted it as Case-sensitive MacOS Journaled (Before was just journaled) and with the same name it had on the FAT32 partition, "OSX". this time, I saw the name on the left turn into a "disk02s" or something along those lines, and while mounting, once again the installation rebooted! Now I can't boot the DVD, because it apparently installed Darwin or something, and it gives me the (hd0,1) Windows NTFS and (hd0,2) OSX options on a boot menu. However, I need to boot (hd2,1) as that was what the DVD drive appeared as on the successful boots. So I'm going to reformat it to FAT32 again, and do it all over. Is there something I'm doing wrong here?
  6. Attempting Vista+OSx86 dual-boot

    Ahh, I was wondering about that active partition stuff, but couldn't find the option when formatting with a Ubuntu Live CD. I'll try through Windows. Also, is there perhaps a way to "update" my current .iso through some patches of sorts? As I would really not like to download a whole 'nother DVD on this crappy connection I have...
  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if you could help me out a bit. I'm using a 10.4.6 JaS DVD, attempting to install on a Inspiron 9300 Laptop. Reading the wiki, there have been successful installs on it. So... The first problem is the boot. 1 out of 20 times I can actually get past the Darnwin loader screen. I normally get an error about a System config file, /com.apple.Boot.plist or something like that? That it's not found. I have to keep rebooting until that moment that it actually works. Any ideas on this? Anyway, once I'm in the installation (which I use -v mode now, since it seems to work better) I come up to the language menu. Choose english continue, continue on the next one. Now, I've tried opening Disk Utility to format an HFS partition BEFORE I get to selecting my destination. if I just continue on before doign so, it'll reboot for some reason. By itself. Unfortuantely, I've had problems in Disk Utility... First, at one time it just froze. Completely. Another (my most recent one) it froze as I selected a partition (It was called "untitled" or something)? And at another time, it showed me my Windows Vista partition, but that's it. I have another primary partion waiting for OSX to be installed on, and I've tried formatting as FAT32, NTFS, and just keeping it unallocated, but Disk Utility never seems to see it (Despite seeing the Vista partition, which I don't get). So that's really my problem. How can I use Disk utility properly to change that primary partition into HFS, or can I use another utility to do that beforehand so that I can go ahead and select my destionation, and find it there?