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  1. Parallels and Windows XP install went fine. Networking set itself up and is working correctly. I haven't got to test out Stubbs yet, though.
  2. I installed the JaS 10.4.8 SSE3 SSE2 AMD beta v2 on an Asus P5LD2 (Intel 945 chipset), E6400 (Core 2 Duo 2.13g), 1g 533 ram, e-GeForce 7300 GS, 2x 320GB SATA Maxtors. I have a Netgear FA311 wired Ethernet card working without any patches or fixes(onboard disabled), and the onboard ALC882 sound is working after applying a fix (I googled ). Onboard USB is working fine. I did the custom install option with languages unchecked and Natit for Nvidia checked. Everything went fine. I'm pretty sure I checked the SSE3, SSE2 for Intel ATA, also... not totally sure. Everything is up and running smoothly. 19" LCD display is running at 1280x1024. I'm about to install Stubbs the Zombie:Rebel Without a Pulse just for fun to see how it smokes. I've installed iLife '06 and it seems to be running fine. I'll install Parallels and Windows XP Pro and then post an update.