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  1. Apple Cinema Display Mod

    Hello.... I landed on this thread while searching for ideas on a G3 mod for my wife, and I got interested on your mod. I have a dead Mac Mini that I'm willing to donate if you pay for the shipping - I bought it off of eBay but it arrived damaged and I was not able to revive it. I took put the CPU and combo drive for testing on a laptop so that's missing; anything else is there. PM me for more details.
  2. Pre-made Custom G5 Rear I/O Ports + Cables

    Hi there... I'm one of the "hungry" for the files that emailed you, but luckily I did it within the last few days. LOL I can't wait for those files/info to start my G5 mod!! (I'd really like the pinouts, the source of the parts, and the program you used to sketch the layout of the PCB - also the access to your video :thumbsup_anim: ) Thanks for the great source of inpiration!!
  3. PowerMac G5 Diagrams

    Thanks so much!!! I was able to get a hold of the front board of an old G5 (not the late 2005 G5 which the board changed) and I've been searching for days! I will try to make this cable or buy it from this other person in here that is selling them from Spain. Again, thanks!