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  1. FX5200 Works ! 10.5.5 and 10.5.6

    nvkushcomplete.pkg is gone! can someone reupload the file? thanx.
  2. What OSX86 distro works for me?

    i hav an HP Pavilion ZE2000, and i don't know what distro works. i dont care what version i can run, i just want to know what distro works. Specs: Amd Mobile Sepron @ 1.6 Ghz ATI Mobility Xpress 200g w/ a 12" screen (1024x768 max) 2 GB RAM (DDR) / 160 GB HDD (IDE-ATA) CD-RW/DVD Drive i must note that the dvd drive is not the original, because the old one broke, and the replacement is really slow and take time to load. i also get "still waiting for root device" and the tutorials are never any help, because my BIOS doesn't have that stuff they talked about. if i do the "rd" command, it kernal panic's or doesnt do anything. so i need help with this... but anyway thanks Micky D.
  3. i need help plz? this is a common problem that was never fixed in the first place. i currently have ipc 10.5.6, then it was upgraded to 10.5.8 with ideneb. im using nvkushcomplete, then installed the 10.5.5 CoreGraphics.framework, and i was still having the same problem. can anybody tell me a better kext that i can use with the Nvidia GeForce FX 5200? cuz, i really want this problem to go away and never come back. in the picture, the top windows are the reason i came here, and the bottom windows look fine and were never corrupted. plz help? thanks UPDATE!!! it also came to mind that flash sometimes doesn't cooperate with certain apps. this might be a part of the problem as well. Graphics_crap.tiff
  4. i need help, badly. i wanted to install iAtkos S3 v2 on my Dell Optiplex GX270, but everytime I try to boot the disk, it will say the following: "BIOS disk read error at sector: 00000073". the other error i get is when it will show an "X" on the upper left. is this a possibility of me burning the .iso in disk utility, or is the image bad? i have this computer hook up with 10.5.8, but i would love snow leopard on this computer. Micky D.
  5. i have the nvidia geforce fx5200 agp 256mb, and QE/CI works fine in 10.5.8. try either Natit or Titan. these .kext files will activate nvidia cards, and give you qe/ci as well. try either of these, repair permissions, then restart to see if the mouse has a shadow (thats tells me it worked). good luck.