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  1. I bought myself a real Apple USB keyboard. I plugged it in and it works no problem on my osx86 machine, which is just Dell Otiplex. The problem is when remove my old PS2 keyboard and switch on - my machine won't connect to my network for some reason. It sounds totally strange to me, but I've tried restarting numerous times with/without each keyboard and that's what is happening! If I boot with the USB keyboard alone it won't use DHCP to pick up a real IP address on my network, ie instead it's getting or such like! Any help with anything I can try, please? It's a stange one! I'm using 10.4.8 at the moment. Thanks.
  2. I have one of the above devices which I am currently struggling to set up. In the HCL for 10.4.3 it says this should work 'Conexant GW3887 (PrismGT) Chipset'. Now I've installed the 'GTDriver' I managed to download but no success. How do I actually enable the device? When I go into AirportAdmin or view Network preferences there is no reference to it. Can anyone give me any tips??? Especially the guy who made the entry in the HCL! Thanks in advance.
  3. Dreamweaver slow

    I tried Photoshop CS3 and it flies!!! So roll on Unibin versions of Dreamweaver and Fireworks!
  4. Dreamweaver slow

    Thanks for the heads up! Supposedly we're looking at Q2 2007 for the next Dreamweaver.
  5. Dreamweaver slow

  6. Dreamweaver slow

    Ok, will it ever work?
  7. Dreamweaver slow

    I'd love to use my Hackintosh more if Dreamweaver/Fireworks ran faster. The system itself feels very quick and responsive. Just these two apps feel very sluggish ie not very responsive. Is there anything I can do? They do work, just it's as if everything is difficult for it! I loaded the activity monitor and whenever I do anything in either the activity pops up to 100% (or so) and back down again. I think my spec is ok: P4 3.0 Ghz (with SSE3) Dell GX270 1.75GB RAM GeForceFX5200 OS X - everything the latest version, ie CI and QE is 'supported' Thanks for any suggestions!
  8. I recently upgraded my processor to one which had SSE3 and installed 10.4.8 courtesy of Jas. How can I tell if I'm using the processor for SSE3 instructions or if I'm emulating them? Obviously, I want to use the CPU for this because that's why I bought it! Thanks.
  9. I was attempting to install drivers for my video card on 10.4.8. Now the machine boots into a mode my monitor cannot display. I cannot change the mode on startup, this makes no difference. Strangely I cannot view the help text either by entering '?'. Anyone experienced this or have any ideas? I don't want ANOTHER reinstall!!! Thanks!
  10. QI CE ?

    Thanks very much, that'll give me something to work on!
  11. QI CE ?

    I've got an osx86 install running, 10.4.7. It's pretty resposive with everthing. I've got a processor with SSE3 on the way, too - which should improve things! Anyway I was wondering what QI and CE are and what difference they make to speed when available??? It says it's not enabled on my system but I am using 1280x1024 on my GeForce5200 with no probs. Also, does anyone know where I can get the latest Semthex kernel? Is it illegal to ask? Sorry if so! Thanks.
  12. I used a disc image to create my OS X install. Using the DD utility on the PC, the command was: dd if=e:\tiger-x86-flat.img of=\\.\PhysicalDrive1 Now I have added a few items to the image I want to make a backup so that I don't have to reinstall everything if I get a major problem. Can I use the following command: dd if=\\.\PhysicalDrive1 of=e:\osximage.img Thanks.
  13. CG-libSystem.B.dylib / New processor

    So it runs full speed, has no lag and is very responsive? That is good to know. Is there a list of recommended/compatible hardware available somewhere? Ideally I'd like to buy a nice fast Dell, is this an option?
  14. I'm trying to replace the above file as per one of Maxxuss' recommended updates for SSE2 only machines. But the file is protected. I log in as root/admin using 'su' then typing the password. But it won't let me replace this file, I always get 'permission denied'. Can anyone help? Does this file make much of an improvement? Also, would this thing run a lot better if I simply replace my CPU with one that supports SSE3 and uses the same socket size? Thanks.
  15. Won't boot - possible to rescue?

    Thanks. I tried it but it didn't seem to work. When booting in verbose mode the last thing it says is 'nothing found to load.'!