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  1. Thanks guys, managed to get it booting by adding the AppleAHCIPort.kext v328 to /Other and using UseKextCache=No boot flag =)
  2. Thanks for the reply, I tried adding this kext to the /Other folder in clover, still the same error =( Is there anything else I need to do to add this kext to clover other than adding it to the /Other folder?
  3. I recently accidentally deleted my EFI partition, and am now unable to get the settings right to boot into High Sierra (usually keep a backup of my EFI partition but didn't, doh). Getting stuck at garbled graphics screen with the final line "Still waiting for root device". I've encountered this issue before during installation, but I can't for the life of me recall what I needed to do to get around it.. I know it's something simple like a boot argument that I need to change. Pls halp?
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    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hey Maldon, Thank you for the prompt reply. I dont suppose you know anything about the other issues? Such as the sleep only on battery? I have read elsewhere in this forum that someone had a similar problem and you patched their dsdt for them? But maybe you didn't fix that issue.. Anyway, I had another go at getting c-states working via chameleon, with some limited success. But the issue i am having seems very strange and I cant find any information about it elsewhere. They seem to work, but only when using the 10.7.0 kernel, on 10.6.7, and in 32bit mode.. In 64bit mode they are initialized but stuck on the lowest state, or messes up the p-states I'm not sure, but SMC monitior shows 900mhz under load, whereas under 32 bit it will increase to 2100 and geekbench scores are almost normal (though still not as high as without c-states enable at all) This behaviour seems very strange indeed and is beyond me why it isn't working.. Are there issue with the 10.8.0 kernel and/or 64 bit mode with C-States that you are aware of? Any information is greatly appreciated. Regards, Zac
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    DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hello MaLd0n! May I start by saying a huge THANK YOU, for what you are doing here! This kind of help is outstanding and you have a great deal on knowledge on the subject of DSDT patching, which you selflessly share with the community! As someone who has worked with online projects before (xbox modding/emulation scene) I know how much dedication it takes to learn so much about a topic, and also how rewarding, yet time-consuming it can be. So thank you! Now, I am relatively new to DSDT patching and am having some issues which I would greatly appreciate your help with! Now this may be a rather long post so thank you in advance for reading all of it, I just want to try to give you as much information as necessary to assist me =) My system Specs are as follows: Lenovo G560 CPU: i5 480M 8GB Ram 1066 Nvidia 310M Audio: Conexant cx20585 My /E/E/ folder contains: ACPIMonitor AppleHDADisabler FakeSMC IntelCPUMonitor LegacyAtheros LidSleep VoodooBattery VoodooPS2Controller Also I am using Darwin kernel 10.8 on SL 10.6.8, and Mac model 6,1 in smbios.plist. I have extracted my dsdt.aml with 'DSDTSE' and patched using 'DSDT Auto-Patcher' successfully without errors. My issues, in order of importance for me, are as follows: 1. C-States not working. I have tried enabling them through Enable C States=True, and have attempted to copy them from SSDT tables without luck. The strange thing is they seemed to work initially on the darwin 10.7 kernel but my geekbench scores were around 20% lower with them enabled. And now when I try to boot with the 10.7 kernel I get stuck at “PCI Configuration begin”? I want to extract my SSDT tables from when they are enabled to attempt to use them with the 10.8 kernel, but now can't seem to get past this error and I dont know what I have changed since to cause this error.. 2. Sound only via VoodooHDA in S/L/E, which is "ok" but the sound quality is bad (pops on bass hits etc.) and I get KP's around every 2nd boot.. So if you could patch my DSDT to prepare for modified AppleHDA then that would be great. I intend to patch my AppleHDA using info from here: AppleHDA mic Problem 3. Sleep works, but only on battery. When plugged in it will sleep, but then wakes back up immediately.. 4. Graphics works fine with Graphicsenabler=True. If it isn't much trouble then to have this added to the DSDT would be good, but if it's hard or there is no advantage then dont worry about it. 5. P-states work correctly (I think) but there doesn't seem to be any turbo mode? SMC monitor only shows maximum of 2.1Ghz under load? Maybe this value is incorrect, I'm not sure. Either way I'm not too worried because it is fast enough for my purposes. That's basically it. If I had all of these things working correctly (even just the first 2/3) I would be SO HAPPY! I love my hackintoshes, but to have the Lenovo basically perfect would be AWESOME! Here is my dsdt.aml: ZacMonkeysdsdt.aml Thank you so co much in advance! I am waiting eagerly for your response =) And keep up the good work, the community needs more people like you! Kind regards, Zac (aka Monkeys)