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    OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    Thanks for the suggestions all. I have tried Clover in the past, but not recently - I installed it and was still not able to boot sea_man - I didn't mention it, but I have certainly tried to install the latest champist bootloader - still alien characters. formatting my USB with mbr is probably a good idea, I will try that. Thank you. I got fed up with my ASUS p8p67 pro, just build a PC for a friend with it and my stupid dead end radeon 6950s, I've got a shiney new Gigabyte Z77X-UP5-TH in the mail.
  2. mikethewolf

    OS X 10.8.3 all Builds !

    I'm pretty sure I'm not helping anyone out, but I thought i'd share I've got an Asus P8P67 Pro with a i5 2500k. I am unable to get my HIS IceQ x2 7970 to work. I am using the chameleon build from post 76, and the 12d44 10.8.3 I am stuck at boot0: done[lots of funny characters] I'm booting from a single partition GUID drive (OCZ Vertex 3), and I've also tried booting it from the Installer USB. It boots fine when i've got a 9500GT in there, but the 7970 is a big no go.
  3. mikethewolf

    650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Having a hard time finding the 'pcgenehci.kext' file any help muitommmy? there is a similarly named USB kext? I am unsure which problem this file will fix, as I'm assuming the medevil kext will help out my ability to only read the first portion of my HD
  4. mikethewolf

    650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Oh sorry, should have been a bit more specific I installed from a SATA DVD-RW to a PATA drive (by the way my computer would only read the first 128Gb of the drive... ?) My Machine: XFX 680i SLI LT MB E6750 (both cores working) Galaxy 8800GT 512Mb SATA DVD-RW PATA HD DLink DFE-538TX NIC (Not working) Realtek ALC885 Audio (working)
  5. mikethewolf

    650 and 680i chipset thread...

    Hey all I'm having some success with this I'm installing ToH RC2, following 'THE GUIDE' Machine XFX 680i LT SLI 8800GT 512Mb I got everything to work except CI/QE, when I'd put NVDAResman.kext into extensions I'd get a kernel panic I've tried 3 different files - all kernel panic - NVDAResman.kext from the ToH DVD (with device ID & cpuid) - NVDAResman.kext from the 10.5.1 update package (with device ID & cpuid) - installing 10.5.2 NVkexts I'd love to get this up and going, I'm sure its possible. PS: my NIC, a Dlink DFE-538tx is not recognized either.. any suggestions?