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  1. black screen 10.9

    laptop specs: mobo: clevo x8100 cpu: i7 740qm gpu: nvidia 285m sli i have made usb installer with unib$$$T of 10.9. things i've tried: normaal boot with -v = everythings loads but then black screen safe boot with -v = everythings loads but then black screen safeboot with -v and graphicsenabler=no = everythings loads but then black screen i am runnig 10.8.4 and everything works excpept wifi but thats ok 10.8 installer usb installed my nvidia card out of the box! there where both working directly
  2. no graphics

    hello i've installed succesful 10.6.3 on my laptop and after te installation i've updated using the combo update 10.6.8 and after that i've installed kexts with multiebeast and after reboot i dont have graphics it boots fine but the screen stays black and if i type on my keyboard i can hear the beepsound. hp compaq 6710b 2gb dd3 intel gma 950 core 2 duo @ 2,10