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  1. OK, so I booted up from the iDeneb install disk, deleted the System folder via Terminal, and reinstalled (hoping that my user account would be preserved but a fresh System would be installed). All went according to plan, I can login, etc. However, the keyboard doesn't work and the graphics kexts aren't installed. An easy fix, you'd think, BUT my account has been reset to a Standard account and doesn't have Admin privileges. So I figured I'd enable the root user, login as such, upgrade my account to admin status, log back into my account, and install the proper kexts. But when I boot up again from the iDeneb install disk and reset the password for the root user, I still can't login as root at the login screen (when I put "root" in the Name field and the password in the password field it refuses it). Does anyone have any idea how to get root access in order to upgrade an account from standard to admin in my predicament? I can't do it the normal way - Directory Utility - because I don't have admin access, and it seems that booting from the install disk and resetting the root password doesn't work either. Thanks again
  2. Apologies in advance for my ignorance, but I know very little about what I'm doing here: I was running iDeneb v1.4 10.5.6 on an Acer Aspire One and everything was just dandy. Then, being an idiot, I ran Software Update without realizing the OS had been updated as well (I was just trying to get the iTunes, iLife, etc. updates). The current situation: the machine boots, I see the Acer splash screen, followed by the Darwin x86 / Chameleon screen I always saw, then I get the grey apple screen, and then the whole process repeats. It continues in this loop until I force shut it down. Any ideas about how I can get this thing to boot or again, or am I screwed unless I do a fresh install? Thanks in advance for any advice Nick
  3. I'm completely new at this, so apologies if I seem ignorant (I am). I just bought a AOA150-1447 with the intention of installing Leopard on it, and I really have no idea where to begin. What's all this about iATKOS and iDeneb and Kalyway? They all seem to have pros and cons and be at different stages in the 10.5.x progression, but I am unsure which would best suit my purposes (I'd like to run 10.5.6, if it's possible). Any help, or just a push in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  4. If you go into address book and right-click a number, you can hit "large type" and have it appear across the screen (presumably to make dialing the number easier). Does anyone know if there's a terminal command that causes a similar effect on inputted text?
  5. nickg331

    Help with Flash Action Script

    trioptic is right, there are far easier ways of doing this. it's up to you though.
  6. nickg331

    Is there a way I can change the Dock?

    go into terminal, type: defaults write com.apple.dock no-glass -boolean YES killall Dock et voila
  7. nickg331

    Help with Flash Action Script

    on(Press) if (intrude._currentframe == 51) { intrude.gotoAndPlay("52"); <<start contact anim but i don't know the movieclip name>> } else { <<start contact anim but i don't know the movieclip name>> } without the fla, i can't really trouble shoot for you, and i don't know if this will work because i don't know exactly how you've set things up.
  8. nickg331

    Help with Flash Action Script

    i'd agree, this would probably be easier done entirely in actionscript, but if you really want to do it, here's the general idea: (pseudo-code) on press contact button if intrusion is on frame 51 { go to and play frame 52 start contact animation } else { start contact animation } i don't have time right now to give you any actual code, but if you really need help send me the fla and i'll see what i can do. keep us updated.
  9. nickg331

    Help with Flash Action Script

    post some code. i'd be happy to help.
  10. nickg331


    i doubt it's an image file, as the size of the squares need to change depending on resolution/monitor size. i would be wiling to bet it's a vector graphic drawn somewhere (apple's been more and more into these lately; for example, look at all of the time machine graphics), making it a lot harder to change.
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    yes - read my edit
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    it now officially no longer works. safari just comes up with the "could not find server" error now. EDIT: ok, apparently the domain was registered by arn of macrumors, and not an "official" apple slip-up. shucks.
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    MACBOOKAIR.COM NOW REDIRECTS TO APPLE.COM MORE SPECIFICALLY, http://www.apple.com/?Will+We+see+a+MacBookAir+on+Tuesday? i think the answer is: yes, we will. EDIT: it just stopped working, and went to this message:
  14. nickg331

    Making large images from icons...

    it completely depends on the icon, the application, and what the developer provided with the application. most apple applications have higher resolution icons in them somewhere, you just have to look. for instance, for imovie, go to your applications folder, right click (control click) on imovie, and hit "show package contents." then go to contents, then resources, and then look at the file called APPL.icns, and there you go: a high res icon file. you can open it with preview and export to any other format. as you probably know, there is no way to take a small image (particularly one so small as an icon) and upscale it with out a loss of quality. this is only possible because the developer has used a higher res version of the icon in the application, inadvertently giving us access to it.
  15. nickg331

    PHP/mySQL poll

    i have but nothing quite suits my needs...