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  1. Hello, thank you to those who came to read the post, the problem is basically the title, I have a notebook with a i5-3210M, HD4000 and GT640M, OSX use it for some time and recently bought a monitor and am trying to enable the display and the monitor simultaneously. I Did these tests changing the value ig-platform-id: all 0x0166000Y where Y ranges from 0 to B values, I believe that these are all the possible values ​​for notebook, I tested all of these values ​​with the nvidia on and off (with DSDT ) with patch in AppleIntelFramebufferCapri.kext and unpatched, the results are the same, I get HDMI accelerated with the value 0x01660003 and the notebook screen with acceleration with the value 0x01660004, the other values ​​i get the screen without acceleration or HDMI with defective image, but in none of the tests I got the screen and HDMI simultaneously, even without acceleration or faulty image . Does anyone have any idea how I can have the display and HDMI simultaneously or can point me something to help? Thanks.
  2. lucasR

    AppleHDA for ALC663 - 10.9.3-

    It did not work changing the DSDT, but it works perfectly using the clover, simply use the clover configurator to change the layout to 1 in "devices" tab, thank you very much that was the first kext that worked, great job. Não funcionou mudando a DSDT, mas funciona perfeitamente usando o clover, basta apenas usar o clover configurator para mudar o layout para 1 na aba "devices" , muito obrigado essa foi a primeira kext que funcionou, bom trabalho. eu tenho quatro saidas de audio é possivel fazer com que todas funcione já que apenas duas estão funcionando?
  3. lucasR

    Disable nvidia card in DSDT

    i got a Lg a550, with a i5-3210m and an Gt 640m, i need to disable the Gt 640m so i can save battery, i extracted the ssdt and i found the OFF method in SSDT4 but i can't find any information on where to put the OFF method, so i am asking for help to do this. i really hope that anyone can help me. thanks. NVD.zip