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  1. Oblivion 100% Playble

    OK, well I've never used BBEdit before. Have downloaded it as a free trial and it has a lot of options and things I'm not familiar with. Would you be able to run through how you made the .txt files in it? Cheers Scrap that, mods now working! BOOM! Just opened the plugins.txt and DLCList.txt files with BBEdit free trial, removed all the formatting text gumf around the main esp commands (that must have been hidden before using text edit) and all mods now working. Thanks for the help guys!
  2. Oblivion 100% Playble

    Hi all. I've spent many, many hours of my life trying to get Oblivion mods to work. I've followed instructions such as those by Galador here, I've trawled through you tube videos of nerdy teenagers explaining how to do it, and I'm still at a loss! This is beginning to take over my life!! And so to begin my tale of woe... Mackbook Pro | Mac OS X. 10.5.8 | 2.53 GHz Intel Core Duo | 4GB RAM | NVIDIA GeForce 9400M, 256 MB More details available on request...! Playing Oblivion GOTY download as mentioned in our original post, though I do own the Xbox version. GOTY works fine with the proviso's most people have had to put in place (anti-alias x16, HD & Bloom lighting options off) and I get pretty good performance. Still get the glitch where the slights nock of an apple off a table sounds like an anvil. It' tolerable, though the arena bloodworks is pretty noisy! Anyway, to the point: The only successful alteration I've managed - I'm not sure I'd call it a 'mod' - is a change to the map and item menus, did it so long ago I can't remember how, but must have just been some menu graphic/ texture overwrite. It didn't involve any .esp files. Trying to implement mods with .esp/ .esm just isn't working. In the directory: Macintosh HD/Users/USERNAME/Library/Preferences/Oblivion Preferences/p_drive/User/Local Settings/ Application Data/Oblivion I have 2 files; DLCList.txt & Plugins.txt DLC.txt contains: # This file is used by Oblivion to keep track of your downloaded content. # Please do not modify this file. DLCShiveringIsles.esp DLCHorseArmor.esp Knights.esp DLCMehrunesRazor.esp DLCOrrery.esp DLCSpellTomes.esp DLCThievesDen.esp DLCVileLair.esp DLCFrostcrag.esp Plugins.txt contains: # This file is used to tell Oblivion which data files to load. # Use the "data files" option in the oblivion launcher to choose which files # you want. Please do not modify this file. ACCCGR SI.esp Hemingweys Capes Improved.esp Hemingweys Capes Improved.esm Hemingweys Capes Improved Merchants.esp Hemingweys VAN Boss Chest Cape Loot.esp Hemingweys VAN NPC Capes Improved Bosses Only.esp Hemingweys VAN NPC Capes Improved Citizens.esp Hemingweys VAN NPC Capes Improved Enemies.esp Hemingweys VAN NPC Capes Improved IC Guards.esp Hemingweys VAN NPC Capes Improved Legion Forester.esp Hemingweys VAN NPC Capes Improved Regional City Guards.esp Hemingweys VAN Show Amulets.esp Natural_Habitat_by_Max_Tael.esp Natural_Vegetation_by_Max_Tael.esp Natural_Water_by_Max_Tael.esp Natural_Weather_by_Max_Tael.esp Natural_Weather_HDR_by_Max_Tael.esp Oblivifall - Something's Not Right.esp CapesandCloaks.esp DLCHorseArmor.esp Knights.esp DLCMehrunesRazor.esp DLCOrrery.esp DLCSpellTomes.esp DLCThievesDen.esp DLCVileLair.esp DLCFrostcrag.esp Oblivion.esm DLCShiveringIsles.esp (That's a long list I know. It got to the stage where I was just adding mods relentlessly to see if one would stick!) Within the Oblivion application (right click: "Show package contents"): Contents/Resources/transgaming/c_drive/Program Files/Bethesda Softworks/Oblivion There are the following files: atimgpud.dll Bethesda.txt binkw32.dll config.exe LauncherMusic.wav Oblivion_default.ini Obilvion.exe Ovlivion.ini OblivionLauncher.exe Readme.txt shaders.sdp 'Data' folder I am sure I have the correct files from the mods stored within the 'Data' folder in the correct places. I also have an identical copy of the DLCList.txt & Plugins.txt files in the 'Data' folder. To use the example of the mod I would love most to work (Capes & cloaks, available from: http://elderscrolls.filefront.com/file/Cap...63224#Download) CapesandCloaks.esp is in the 'Data' folder, as is: Data/meshes/clothes/cloaks and capes Data/Textures/clothes/capes and cloaks Data/Textures/Menus/Icons/clothes/capesandcloaks all as they were in the mod download So I'm sure everything I need is in the right place, included in the plugins.txt file in the right way, and yet not one of those modes you can see above in my plugins.txt file works. I'm not even sure if any of the DLC content that cam with the original download works, as I haven't tried to get to Shivering Isles in my game yet (though encouragingly I did get the message come up about 'A door in Niben Bay', or whatever it is...). To me it looks seems like Oblivion completely ignores the Plugins.txt file, and all of its commands for my mods! Any help anyone could offer is greatly appreciated!?! Cheers