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  1. Have you tried -v cpuz=1 ive had problems in the past with osx on P4HTs, osx dose not seam to like the HT cores my bios let me disable HT so that solved the problems i had my experience was similar were it would get stuck Ash
  2. Hi new here but seams a good place to post Ive been trying to get Iatkos S3 snow leopard working on my laptop. Acer Aspire 3680 I can get through the entire install select all required drivers then it says finished install please reboot. Now when i reboot it shows the apple loading screen but this just stays on for ever but the welcome music starts to play in the background, the same if i do it in verbose mode it stays on the text but starts to play music. Now if i plug an external display in to the VGA port then power on the apple screen shows for about 15 seconds and then the welcome vid starts to play i can set up all my details and i can use everything get to the desktop use applications the lot. As soon as i shut down unplug the VGA monitor and try to use the laptop screen again it gos back to never showing the desktop but it still fully loads just cant see. if you get me Everything else works perfectly audio wifi and it runs quite well too this is the first distro ive got to work with everything out of the box (well except the screen) ive tried other distros the screen works with them but then its an effort to get wifi Ethernet and audio working so i would if possible like to try get this problem solved Any help is very much appreciated Ash PS just realised i put this in the wrong one i should of put it in 10.6 (snow leopard) also attached some pics of what i mean not the best but hopefully you get the picture no pun intended lol