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  1. Hello all, and thanks for the fantastic work! I've been messing around with this ASUS S56CA laptop for a while now, trying to get the Intel HD 4000 working and this thread was the first to finally allow me to get it working! Here is the issues and questions I have: After trying all combinations with InjectIntel-ig, the ONLY one that will work (otherwise I just get a black screen), is 01660003 (entered as '03006601'). Now, using Chameleon r2377, and with DVMT set to 64M, I can boot and VRAM shows as '1024 MB'. In BIOS, I have only 4 choices of 64M, 128M, 256M, and 512M in reference to DVMT (Dynamic Video Memory Technology), which is not about actual physical memory allocation. But if I set the DVMT to ANY value other than 64M, I get the KP in the attached pic. This is a problem for those dual booting Windows, as you would want DVMT set to maximum. Next question: So OS X is reporting I have 1024MB of VRAM... is this true, or possibly not? What would be a good way to test this memory to see if it's all there? This laptop has an Intel® Core™ i3 3217U Processor http://ark.intel.com...-Cache-1_80-GHz. Final issue (which you may not be able to help with): With Clover 2652, running in true UEFI, I can only get it to show 4MB of VRAM. : ( If anyone has a clue about this, that would helpful. Thanks all!
  2. Hello Yehia Amer! I am getting more and more up to speed with Clover and our HP machines... THANK YOU for all the wonderful information so far; it has all really helped me a lot! Have you tried Clover Configurator yet? This is THE must have companion App to Clover, they really should be bundled together: http://mackie100.webwacemaster.altervista.org/ I would like you to try something with Clover Configurator (and I really think you will like the results). I have been using and learning CC now for several weeks now. One of its awesome features is its ability to create a near perfect config.plist file for any computer IN SECONDS! I am using the one it created for my DV8, just about everything is working including WiFi (not audio, haven't even begun to look at that yet), and I'm running with NO DSDT! It's quite amazing. With CC, it is VERY easy to make all adjustments to the config.plist file, all from a very clean GUI. The only requirement for running Clover Configurator, is that you run it from within OS X and you are running Clover, (in other words, it wont work if you're booted with Chameleon). Once you get it installed, select Extra from the Toolbar, then 'Generate Config File'. Backup your existing one, then overwrite it with the one CC generates. Then remove (rename) your current DSDT.aml... wait before you do that, make sure in the CC generated config.plist you change the name of the DSDT to 'BIOS.aml', that is important. You will find this setting in the first tab of CC, 'Acpi', then 'DSDT Name'. OK, there are a couple of other setting you need to tweak before you try this... under CC's 'Boot' tab, there is a crazy little slider over to the right labeled 'Timeout'; slide this over to whatever you want (I'm using 15sec for testing). If you don't change this, no Clover GUI when you boot, it will just go right into whatever your default partition is. Also, on CC's 'System Parameters' tab, I recommend checking 'No Caches'. This way, changes you make will be immediately reflected upon next boot. OK... try it out, and let me know how it works for you. P.S. The ONLY two additional kexts I am currently using are FakeSMC.kext (v5.1.26) and RealtekRTL8111.kext, and I have both of them in EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.9.
  3. Mammoth

    Clover General discussion

    OK... this is crazy. I finally had enough for today and decided to put everything back the way it was and move on to doing other life things. This included removing the BOOT files from other drives/part I had copied them to, clearing CMOS, using Chameleon booted from USB stick and reinstalling Clover (v2652 by the way, and which I have installed/and re-installed more times than I could count by now), which, when done, would have left me with being able to boot into my NTFS (Windows 7) with Clover installed, then when needed, get to OS X by booting from my Chameleon USB stick... When Clover came up after all of this... I had all drives... Seriously, I have done this same thing I don't know how many times over the last couple of weeks... my GUESS is that today is the first time I attempted to create a FAT32 w/ 4k cluster EFI partition. When I initially created and started to use it, I had NAMED it EFI, but of course that does not MAKE it an 'EFI' partition. When I first installed Clover to this new partition, Clover did NOT 'make' it an EFI partition. Now that it's working, and I do a 'diskpart list', I see this partition is still not (correct me if I'm wrong), an EFI partition but now has TYPE 'DOS_FAT_16'. I for sure created as FAT32, so Clover must have changed it to DOS_FAT_16, right? Yes, No? And perhaps this is why it is working now, for the very first time ever? I was then finally able to launch 'Generate Config File' and copy it to EFI/Clover, and then use Clover PrefPane to point to EFI/Clover. On restart, it ALMOST booted perfectly, but then restarted just before GUI. Selected to Inject nvidia, and then the next time it booted perfectly and I'm in now, under Clover. This Clover is POWERFUL, but you need space shuttle training to fly it! Any comments... welcome... Oh... I have a few more questions: I do eventually want to figure out how to make my machine fully configured as UEFI only, but is this possible / a good idea if... 1) My Galaxy (nVida) GT570 GPU is NOT GOP compliant. 2) My Highpoint Tech SAS RocketRAID 2720 controller is BIOS compliant only. Thanks all!!
  4. Mammoth

    Clover General discussion

    Hello all, trying to get up to speed with Clover, and have it installed on a few machines now. However, I can't get it to work on my GA-Z77X-UP7 tower. It has worked fine for years with Chameleon, no problems, but I can NOT get Clover to see my OS X on other drives partitions, AT ALL! I've tried so many combinations, but never once has it even begun to work (what I mean is, once Clover boots, it NEVER sees my other drives where OS X is). I've attached a picture of my drives / partition configs (as seen from within Windows 7 with Paragon hard disk Manager 12 Suite... which is AMAZING by the way!) With Chameleon (and by the way, at anytime I can boot from my Chameleon USB stick and like magic, all my drives are there and I can select and boot any of them), I have always had Chameleon installed on the Partition "Cham". Now, I just tried moving/re-sizing the partitions to squeeze in that new (as of today) EFI FAT32 w/ 4k sectors partition, install Clover there, even REMOVE (unplug) the Neutron SSD, install Clover (with almost EVERY driver), and STILL Clover will NOT see the drives / partitions on (HPT DISK 0_0)! Now, the HPT disks are a 2 SSD drive RAID 1 on a Highpoint Tech RocketRAID 2720 controller (complete with the newest 10.9 official drivers from Highpoint, but again, Chameleon has always been able to see them, even now with no problems). So, please... what is the problem and what is the solution? Thanks... pretty frustrated at this point as I always prefer to do everything I can first to figure things out, but now I'm just spent!!! As always, appreciate everyone here, and Clover is a technological masterpiece from the future (or Russia)!!! ; ) Going to be great once I really understand it and can work with it well! I had this same problem today, and what I found was that Clover was not booting BOOT from where I thought it was (it was picking it up from another partition). I made the needed changes to point it where I wanted it to be, and then deleted the other entry.
  5. Hey everyone, I just stumbled across something that might be helpful for some of you, a quick / or other way, to get audio. Just as an experiment I plugged in my Trendnet TBW-105UB USB Bluetooth adapter and Mavericks sees it right away (as a Broadcom). Paired my Nuvelli NU2882 bluetooth headphones, and perfect! Audio! http://www.amazon.com/TRENDnet-Compact-Bluetooth-Adapter-TBW-105UB/dp/B000MAWWLI
  6. Ok, I have FOUR different computers I am either trying to upgrade from our old friend Snow Leopard, or install for the first time Mavericks on AND use Clover. It's been very painfully, but mostly now I have learned some of the media / OS X Base Images I was trying to use had problems, PLUS the main machine I have been focusing on, an old ASUS Maximus Formula (I) machine has MULTIPLE hardware issues... which have been the primary cause for me not to be successful with Clover... or anything. To wit, I have my main GA-Z77X-UP7 up on Mavericks (with Chameleon for now), and I finally have my DV8 up and running with Clover (I haven't had a chance to add all Yehia Amer's wonderful files and configurations yet, but it's up and running! WOW! WHAT A FREAKING DIFFERENCE!!! I always hated how slow the boot process was on our machines with Chameleon; Clover is so fast!!! And built in Lapic fix... AMAZING! I don't know if anyone has checked on this yet, but Clover also solved an issue that always really bothered me - Now our machines PASS the Diagnostic test in System Information AND memory speed FINALLY shows correct at 1333 instead of the 1330 it has always shown on my machine. There is almost no reason to create a guide (almost) as it can be pretty straight forward. So many problems have been solved, and it's wonderful. :) Thanks to EVERYONE on the Clover team, at Voodoo Labs, and all the many contributors that made these threads their home and have worked so hard and lent their talents to all of us! I will probably be creating a new guide, but it will mostly just be compiling / consolidating all the info you all have already provided and best ways to use Clover with these machines. Should be a much, much smaller guide too. Anyway, I'm really excited about Clover and what it has done, and what it can do. Thanks for everyone's input and help over the last few years! I'm considering upgrading the CPU in my DV8. Interesting?
  7. Mammoth

    Clover General discussion

    So should we still have the entry for BIOS.aml, or does this new method eliminate that? THANKS! Secondly, Slice and entire team; I've been away from the scene for about two years and have come back to discover this thing called "Clover". I'm just now learning and trying to figure it all out, but let me just say thus far, I am SUPER impressed!!!! You guys are doing some AMAZING WORK with this!! I have four very different machines I am working to get Clover on now, so if any of them would be helpful for your testing, just let me know I will be happy to run tests for you: 1) An HP laptop dv8 that requires lapic fix 2) An old ASUS Maximus Formula (I) with a Core2 Quad Kentsfield 775 LGA 3) A Gigabyte Z77Z-UP7 with an i7-3770K LGA 1155 4) And an ASUS Ultrabook S56C, fully UEFI with Win8.1 Pro, i3-3217U (and it also has an internal mini-PCIe 24GB SanDisk i100 SSD ASUS uses (I think primarily for an EFI partition), but this machine boots HELLA fast... like 2 to 4 seconds! THANKS ALL! KEEP JAMMIN AND CREATING!
  8. Thanks for the great info... I am still in "Discover Clover" mode. No love yet, but getting closer. Should be great once I get a handle on it.
  9. Some EXCELLENT Clover info here: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/282787-clover-v2-instructions/?do=findComment&comment=1852922
  10. Hey there, I have some important info for you about this... it does work and this is what I did... HOWEVER... If you are going by the pictures I put in the guide for this procedure, there is one thing you need to correct: Make sure the antenna wires DO NOT route through the optical drive!!!! I believe in the guide, there are pictures where the wires ARE routed through the optical drive casing. Everything was working perfectly for many months, until the day I tried to pull out the optical drive... which snapped the antenna wires out of their connectors. :( Woops. Make sure you can remove and insert the optical drive without the wires becoming an issue. Other than that, it's an awesome solution and every card I have installed has worked (those compatible with OS X of course). All will work with Windows.
  11. Thank you Yehia! OK, I'm trying to wrap my brain around this Clover vs. UEFI vs. installing it on a USB with Mavericks. The directions that come with it are clear as mud to me. For one, it talks about installing an "etc" directory: sudo cp -v etc/* /etc/ I don't get that or know what they mean. I tried to apply this to the /etc of Mac OS X, but that can't be what is meant, can it? If you know of a good write-up on how to install / use Clover, that would really help me. Hard to believe how much things have changed. I'm a n00b again... Yes, I FINALLY upgraded from... 10.6.7 to 10.6.8 using Taptun's glorious work, and everything is fine... except as you already know, my/Taptun's mini AudioEnabler script doesn't work with the 10.6.8 version... that was short lived, but great while it worked. For those using ChamExtUp, I have created a new version that works better keeping networking alive (at least with 10.6.8, which know one is probably using anymore). I'll attache here though if anyone wants to try it or could use it... hmmm... what happened to our ability to attach files? It seems like you and Taptun should be able to get that script to work... Apple probably just juggled things around a bit so we need to point it to its new location, but Taptun would know better than I. Oh, I also have an ASUS S56C Ultrabook now. It has an i3 Sandy. I'm going to try to get OS X Mavs on it too. Alright... I'm off to read up on Clover.
  12. Hello everyone! It's been a long time since I've actually "been here". Great to see you are keeping our Hacs alive!!! Awesome work and contribution Yehia Amer and everyone's friend, Taptun!!! I haven't looked at everyone's post, but for sure see a lot of old friends! : ) I am weighing whether I should create a new guide focusing on a clean install of Mavericks 10.9.2. What does everyone think? Is there even a need for such a thing? Seems like A LOT has changed!!! Maybe it's not so difficult anymore. I'm in the process of building a new Hac with an older ASUS Maximus Formula (I) board and Mavericks 10.9.2, and MAN has it been a pain in the @55!!!!! I thought it would be easy with all the new advances in bootloaders and things, but... HOLY SMOKE... I'm ready to KILL myself! Looks like I'm just finally getting it to a point where I can claim "winning", which I then found myself saying... "I'm going to have to create a guide for this!" I hadn't booted OS X on my DV8 for over two years, and when I did, it was all borked up; so I used my own guides and tools to reinstall and was very happy to find it actually all worked, first time, and I was up and running again (I'm on it right now in fact). That's of course because I wrote the guides and built the tools with and for this machine. : P Sorry to all those who tried to make it work for their machines and couldn't. As soon as I finished v2.00... Apple was releasing 10.7.0 and Intel released new CPUs and chips that changed everything! I no longer had the time to start all over and solve all the new issues. : ( I was spent! (Lesson learned: DON'T start putting together a new guide at the END of an OS X release cycle). Anyway, what does it take now in order for us to be able to FINALLY use Apple vanilla kernels on our HP's? I've read a couple things here and there, but if someone could "fast-track it" for me (refer me to a post with the details), that would be GREAT! I assume it's just a matter of using a version Chameleon or Clover from a certain version forward. Anyway, very nice to say hi to you all again, and I may just have to throw some guides together... for the NEXT time I'll have to use them!!!
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    EBIOS Error During Install DVD Boot

    Here is another test you can do. Change from AHCI to IDE for the controller connected to your optical drive. You most likely will not get the error then. Again, this is just a test. You do NOT want to use a hard drive set to IDE instead of AHCI. If you have multiple controllers, and can set the optical drive to IDE but the hard drives to AHCI, that will work.
  14. Use Paragon Hard Disk Manager 12 Suite. It's beyond amazing, works every time, does EVERYTHING including HFS+, NTFS, and can even do them all at the same time.
  15. Hello everyone! Nice to see the thread is still going strong and is very helpful to all! I want to say a BIG THANK YOU to Taptun once again for all the fine kernels he has provided us all! There are many others here too who have been INCREDIBLY awesome people (you all know who they are), helping in big ways as often as they can. Wish me luck and pray for me as I am going in for an interview next week for an awesome wireless company called Xirrus http://www.xirrus.com (check 'em out)! Thanks again to everyone!