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  1. Millen1981

    Acer Aspire E1 772

    I dont understand one thing about all numbers and {censored} sorry I dont even know what an dsdt is and i have been making hackintosher for the last 5 years i have done many hackintosh and then i really mean many but sorry for not knowing what an dsdt is
  2. Millen1981

    Acer Aspire E1 772

    Now i only need the graphics to work. It is recognized as a intel hd4600 with 3mb video ram but i cant change the resolution. Any Ideas.
  3. Millen1981

    Acer Aspire E1 772

    Now i finally made it install and boot with just -x -v so now i need graphics for my intel hd 4600 and a bootloader for the system to boot from the drive
  4. Millen1981

    Acer Aspire E1 772

    Now i am able to install with the iatkos ml2 usb with chameleon bootloader. It installs and everything but it just dont boots up after install it just gets black screen. And i dont know what things to uncheck and untick in the customization meny.
  5. Millen1981

    Acer Aspire E1 772

    nothing happens i have tried all of the versions that are out from 10.5. to 10.9 the only version that boots up and installs is the iatkos v7 10.5.7. Is it a chipset problem because i know that that distro has a lot of chipset drivers?
  6. Millen1981

    Acer Aspire E1 772

    hello, i have an Acer Aspire E1-772 laptop that just wont boot so i can not even get the installer to start. Anyone know what to do. The specs of the computer is: CPU: Intel core i3 4000m Intel HD Graphics 4600 8GB DDR Ram 1000GB HDD I have tried different distros and retail versions but it just get stuck at a kernel panic. Maybe i need a special boot flag or something. Anyone who knows the best way to be able to install.
  7. Millen1981

    SATA DVD-RW Issue?

    I have an old core 2 duo computer, a compaq p5925 EPA that gives me still waiting for root device when installing anything from the dvd. If i make usb insatalls och external dvdrw drive it gets perfect. It runs snow leopard and lion and mountain lion and even mavericks if i install from usb. What is this problem is there anything i can do or do i need to just buy a new internal dvdrw drive and hope for som luck its supported or is there a way to test it. If i put my other dvdrw drive from my other computer it boots without still waiting for root device so i think its something with this dvdrw. The dvd drive is an Toshiba TS-H653.
  8. Millen1981

    Thoughts about Mavericks with Atom (yes, Atom)

    Is it possible to install on my Toshiba NB510 because i have tried installing os x on it for about a year but it won't even boot up. I have tried every version of osx there is i can say. I really don't care if its no graphics support i just need os x on that machine so i can run garageband and record some stuff on the go. graphics is not needed.
  9. I would say to test a really fast thing before deleting some kexts or so, just try to disable HPET in bios. Set it to Disabled. Maybe it works maybe it don't but to test it is like 5 minutes. Good luck.
  10. Millen1981

    Acer Aspire 5100

    Its a And computer so i think its an ati chipset?
  11. Millen1981

    Acer Aspire 5100

    Is there someone who knows what kexts i need for my hard disk must be seen in disk utility. I have iatkos ml2 on a usb stick with a amd kernel adden and it boot up perfect but in disk utility there are no disk showing up. Anuone knows how to fix so i can install os x on that machine. I do not have any ahci options in bios but i have taken out the hard drive and it is a SATA drive. What kexts do i need to but on the usb so that disk utility can se my disks?
  12. Millen1981

    Toshiba NB510 netbook

    I also have this computer that i have installed iatkos s3 but after install it only goes to a black screen and then restarts. I have tried in -x and -v but it just restarts without I'm getting to se anything. Do i need to write some bus ratio or is it something with the graphics, cause all i want is for the computer to boot up. The computer is this one. http://www.komplett.se/k/ki.aspx?sku=746828#extra
  13. Best guide ever and really simple. I did a clean install on my Hack with this install so this is not only an update, you can make a clean install. Best guide ever.
  14. Thanks to this guide i made an clean install (no upgrade) install of os x mavericks on my socket 1155 intel core i5 the 1st try and everything is working fine. 1 Download os x mavericks from mac app store. 2 Create a myhack usb installer 3 Reboot the computer and boot your usb and install as usual and in disk utility just eras your hard drive and install os x mavericks 4 When the install is ready just reboot and make sure your usb is in the computer and boot from it but just choose yor hard drive and you are on os x mavericks 5 Then i just installed one kext for the lan and chimera 2.2.1 boot loader. Thats it. Now your computer boots by itself and working lika a real mac always do.
  15. Millen1981

    HP 655 Sound Problem

    I have a hp 655 laptop and i have tried installing many distros of osx but i can only install 10.5.7 and update it to 10.5.8 but i have no sound. Is it possible to get sound out on that computer, i really dont need inport sound just out will be great but i really don't know what kext to use. I think its a realtek had audio chip but i could be wrong. I have tried an ac97 kext and one voodoo hda and another one that had only out ports but none of them have worked. So if someone knows what audio chip it is it would be great. Maybe its some of the alc888 or 762 etc etc i really dont know. So if someone knows it would be great.