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  1. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    finally i got everything working. the usb install method worked. there seem to be more problems if you run the snow leopard installer from within leopard... i followed the usb-install-guide (link posted by longtom in this thread) also got some advice from here: solar's guide (check out his old and his new guide! another thing: in my experience fixing the permissions and creating the Extensions.mkexts is essential! i don't know why, but my system still boots into 64 bit mode, no matter what i put into com.apple.boot.plist or at the chameleon boot prompt... but everything's working perfectly, so why bother to get 32 bit mode running ;-) i finally build my own dsdt.aml (see attachment). hope this helps some people with the same configuration. my dsdt.aml is for my ga-p35-ds3 rev. 1.0 mainboard. it is patched with sound and network working out of the box without any extra kexts! got my geforce 7300gt 256mb working perfectly after creating a efi-string with efistudio and putting it into my com.apple.boot.plist. so far i didn't get a single kernel panic! :-) DSDT.aml.zip
  2. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    i noticed something in my kernel panics: no matter what kernel flags i put into com.apple.boot.plist and at the chameleon prompt: before the panic in verbose mode it always says: 64 bit mode enabled Darwin Kernel Version 10.0.0: Fri Jul 31 22:47:34 PDT 2009; root:xnu-1456.1.25-1/RELEASE_I386 so it's enabling 64 bit mode but using the 32 bit kernel? is this right? weird... thanks for the guide. i'm gonna try it right now.
  3. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    the problem is, that i never got a snow leopard installation to boot. not the dvd, not a restored image to an usb-stick. any good how to? all the guides i've seen so far install snow leopard from within leopard to a prepared disk/partition...
  4. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    i installed it from a working leopard install on the same hdd. could all of this also has to do with permission issues and a missing mkext? can i fix / create that from my working leopard install?
  5. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    i'm not sure if this is the problem, but i see in all those kernel panics that it's trying to load the 64 bit kernel. as i said before i got the -x32 flag in my com.apple.boot.plist file and i tried also specifying it in chameleon. it just keeps booting the 64 bit kernel. why is that? any ideas? @ blackosx: i've mostly been using your guide, with the 10.1 netkas boot file @ derpuma: i finally build my own dsdt.aml. same problem, so it wasn't the dsdt.aml causing the panics here is a thread where people are discussing the same problem: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=181209
  6. i have the same problem! @ Dr. Hurt: from where did you run the kextcache? i don't even get into single user mode of my snow leopard install. i thought you can't run it from a running leopard install? @ kramer2k: how did you install it from cd? what did you use to boot the cd? i also tried installing chameleon 1.x over my 2.0rc1 install. nothing has changed. i don't know why it omits the -x32 flag in the com.apple.boot.plist... any ideas?
  7. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    ok, you're right about the screenshot. here is exactly what i did or what my system looks like: ahci enabled in bios guid partitioned hdd 1. partition snow leopard, 2. partition leopard set permissions (as mentioned in blackosx's guide) installed snow leopard from leopard onto 1. partition installed chameleon 2.0 rc1 and pcefi 10.1 copied stuff from der puma package to /Extra/ changed the uuid in platformuuid.kext and smbios.plist after this i rebooted and could not get snow leopard to boot a single time, not even in single user mode. hence i never got to creating mkext. the kernel panic comes right after loading the kexts, no matter what kernel flag or boot option i chose (tried -s, -v, -x, -x32). you can see in the screenshot that it still says "64 bit mode enabled" is this normal, even when i boot with -x32? i did not get the usb pen drive from above to boot (i do have to restore the dmg to the guid formated usb pen drive, right?) things that might result in problems: i never fixed or cared about any permissions on the disk. might this be a problem? what permissions should all the stuff in /Extra/ have? i used the dsdt.aml from derpuma, he has the same mainboard i think. might this pose a problem? ideas: i don't know why, but i guess somehow it's still booting the 64 bit kernel. even though i got -x32 in the com.apple.boot.plist and at the chameleon prompt. any ideas? thanks
  8. Try to install SL on a GA-P35-DS3

    hi! installed snow leopard just fine. installed chameleon 2.0rc1, netkas pcefi 10.1 and the DSDT.aml and kernel extensions from from derpuma. i have set the kernel flag for 32bit in my com.apple.Boot.plist when trying to boot i get a kernel panics like zhta1972: "Mac osx version: not yet set" at the top of the kernel panic it says that the it's using the 64bit kernel. even if i specify the -x32 flag at the chameleon boot prompt it loads the 64bit kernel and panics right after loading the extensions (no matter if in single user mode or whatever...) any ideas? my board is a ga-p35-ds3 rev. 1.0 thanks in advance