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  1. Anyone know of any mirrors for the Kakewalk downloads? all of them are down.
  2. Alienware M11X

    Hey guys, Just grabbed a new Alienware M11X from Dell. Its a 15" gaming notebook. Just hoping to find others that have been successful at installing Mac OS X
  3. Back when I was using 10.4 I had been using ShapeShifter and used the Liger theme. Since upgrading to Leopard, I wanted to remove this, and everything seemed to uninstall just fine, but the bottom slanted dock (fake one from Liger) and the transparent bar on the top (fake one) wont go away! Now its sitting underneath my nice new leopard dock and its driving me nuts! Here are some screenshots.
  4. Toshiba Satellite A20: Which Release?

    nobody has any suggestions? do i have to do anything special? i tried loading the dvd but it fails to a panic code
  5. Got a Toshiba Satellite A20, Pentium 4 2.66Ghz. Any recommendations on which release to use. Specs from CPU-Z: Intel Pentium 4 "Northwood" 2.66Ghz MMX, SSE, SSE2
  6. ive tried nicecast, however i can't get the other computers to play the songat the same time. the streaming computer is about 5-10 seconds off. is there a way to set the computers to sync and paly the song at the same time?
  7. Is there some possible way for 3 computers on a lan to pretty much stream from one central computer and all play the same songs, at the same time. Kinda like winamp's good old shoutcast, except, i need real time. I mean, it should be achievable over a home LAN, all with fast computers. any ideas? If you haven't grasped what I am looking for, think of it this way. I want to play music on one computer and have all the rest of the speakers on the other computers play the same thing (like having speakers wired throughout your house) thanks!
  8. Mac Pro's 2 LAN ports

    internet connection is GREAT actually. I already have additional macs, however I work in the design industry and I need to have a windows pc nearby for testing.
  9. Mac Pro's 2 LAN ports

    i'm using it to connect to the internet with my pc, connected to the mac pro, but the pc doesn't seem to become a part of the network. is there a way around that?
  10. I am using the 2nd lan port to connect my PC to the internet without the use of another router. However, It seems that the PC cannot see any of the other computers on the network when it's connected through the mac. Internet works great however. Any way around this? -NH
  11. I want to be able to have a seperate login for my mac, that only has two options to load.. Firefox or iTunes. Simple reason being, having a party, people like hoping on the comp. but i only want them to have access to firefox and itunes. any ideas?