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  1. iTunes 7.0.1 just went live. Here are the changes, from the Read Me First file: iTunes 7.0.1 addresses stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, iPod syncing, and more. The problem still remains, but running it under Rosetta still works. -M
  2. I noticed the following problem after upgrading to beta 6. The mouse pointer did not appear when in the Parallels Workstation window. I opened the advanced display preferences in Windows XP, and turned the accelleration slider down a notch on the Troubleshooting tab. This fixed it.
  3. mlowry

    Where is Maxxuss?

    The Pirate Bay has a torrent for a 10.4.5/6 combined update DVD that seems to have been created by Maxxuss.
  4. Naming one's sources is important, but have you considered the possibility that AppleInsider's source was the same as your source, or that they arrived at the information independently?
  5. I would also like an invitation to demonoid. - lowry_ma@hotmail.com -
  6. mlowry

    What network cards work?

    Alright, I got the PPP part of the connection up and running. One other stumbling block was that every time I changed the BIOS serial port settings, I had to configure a new connection in the Internet pane of System Preferences. It seems that each different address is treated as a unique connection. One of these days, I'll boot up OSX with only one serial port active, and then reboot with the next one active, and so on until I've identified each of the 4 addresses. Each time, I'll name the serial port connection in System Preferences after the address that is active in the BIOS. This will make it easier to tell which is which. Thanks again. -M. L.
  7. mlowry

    What network cards work?

    Ok, found it. I looked and looked but didn't find the "Add" button in VMware's VM hardware settings screen until I read your reply. I'll test it later and report the result here. Thanks.
  8. mlowry

    What network cards work?

    I'm not quite sure how to bind the second port of the virual serial port pair to the virtual machine. I see that it's possible to enable one or two serial ports using the Phoenix bios setup screens. You can access the bios setup screens screen by pressing F2 during the initial startup of the virtual machine. As shown in the attached screenshot, there are four available addresses for the serial ports: 3F8 IRQ4 2F8 IRQ3 3E8 IRQ4 2E8 IRQ3 I have tried all of these and I still cannot get a reply from WinXP when the terminal window opens in OSX's Internet Connect utility. Saturn49, can you offer any clarification on how to set up the serial ports in the virtual machine so that one of the VM's serial ports is bound to one of the virtual pair in WinXP? Thanks in advance. -M.