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  1. I have L501X as well. The error means that you had a GPT disk. Boot into Windows and use a partition manager to convert the GPT disk back into MBR disk.
  2. DSDT for XPSL501x

    I have an almost fully functional L501X. My Specs Intel i7-740QM 8GB 1333MHz RAM nVidia GT435M ALC665 Audio (Only Voodoohda, No HDMI yet) Realtek 8xxx Ethernet Wireless: Intel Wifi Link 1000 (Not Working), Spare Card Broadcom 4315 b/g Used Kexts on E/E ACPIBlacklight.kext ExtraAppleACPIPS2Nub.kext ExtraDellBluetoothHCI.kext ExtraElliottForceLegacyRTC.kext ExtraFakeSMC.kext ExtraLegacyAGPM.kext JMicron36xATA.kext RealtekRTL81xx.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext Kexts in S/L/E Patched AppleACPIPlatform.kext EvilIOAudioFamily.kext ExtraAppleACPIPS2Nub.kext ExtraFakeSMC.kext Patched IO80211Family.kext PXHCD.kext VoodooBattery.kext VoodooHDA.kext VoodooPS2Controller.kext DSDT and PS2Controllers in attachment (Install in S/L/E) dsdt.zip VoodooPS2Controller.zip