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    10.5.1 - FEATURES / FIXES

    Fix goddamn Mail.app. When I set up ONLY Gmail IMAP account - works like a charm. When I set up .Mac IMAP - things get ugly. Insane CPU usage, Mail.app hangs and need ot be killed... It's a major issue.
  2. Grmbl

    9A581 still buggy...

    Mail.app floods syslog with some kind of malloc error when I check .Mac mail. Syslogd starts eating ALL of 2 cores, systems almost goes to a halt. When I kill Mail.app, and kill syslogd - back to normal. P.S. Build 9A581. P.P.S. Clean install.
  3. This is definitely one of the funniest threads to look at.
  4. Grmbl

    Leopard Beta release dates

    They are just posting a easy-to-estimate assumptions. They do not have any real data, I believe. Such roadmap is just common sense and could be applied to almost any big system's development.
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  6. Grmbl

    Leopard BETA as main OS

    Try VMWare Fusion - works for me. I will be installing Tiger back - need to use it for work, not just for fun, and Leopard (while being useful and nice) is just not stable/mature enough.
  7. Grmbl

    10.5 Leopard

    Man, Looking Glass is a worthless slow and buggy piece of {censored}. While Leopard isn't (well, still buggy, but not worthless and slow). :-) And Looking Glass is build on completely different technologies.
  8. Hello, MacBook Pro v2.2, Intel Core Duo 2. I've encountered occasional networking hangs (both Ethernet and AirPort), especially under heavy load (playing WoW for an example). All network activity is suspended, no messages, re-starting network does not help. After reboot all is OK for some time. Also when trying to set up Ethernet MAC spoofing (ipconfig en0 lladdr [MAC]) I've found that en0 (wired interface) will not change Mac address, while en1 (AirPort) allows changing it. Any ideas?
  9. I have Tiger machine's password stored in keychain and it does not ask anything.
  10. I have Tiger on Intel Mini. Controlling it in screen sharing without problems. Seems a lot faster than Remote Desktop.
  11. Grmbl

    I came, I saw... I'm probably going back to Tiger

    Hmm... Network -> Location -> Edit Locations... Works for me.
  12. Works OK on MacBook Pro with X1600.
  13. Hello all, I have Leopard running nice and dandy except A52 codecs support. When I open movie with A52 sound in VLC - works perfectly, same movie plays on Tiger as well. In Leopard I've installed Perian and A52 codecs - no sound in QuickTime or FrontRow / Quicklook. Any idea how to sort this out?
  14. Grmbl

    Installing Leopard

    Strange really. I've just installed Leopard on one more MacBook Pro (also version 2.2) - went nice and smooth.
  15. Grmbl

    Can't get past pinwheel on install!

    It's a myth.