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  1. RP Deliverance

    ATI RadeonHD 6250?

    OK so I have successfully installed iAtkos v7 (10.5.7) with everything working besides graphics. I am wondering is their a kext out their that will allow me to get accelerated graphics. I know that quarts extreme is not supported. i currently get native resolution but only because I edited the file so it boots that way otherwise I get 1024x768x32. I have installed the RadeonHD kext but it didn't do anything.
  2. RP Deliverance

    I Got iDeneb installed! But sill have a couple prblems.

    OK well I am able to get native resolution buy the above command at boot. Is their any ket out their that i can install that will allow me to maybe get QE or anything better than what I got?
  3. I have a Compaq Presario CQ57. AMD Radeon HD 6310 gfx card.2GB of RAM. dual amd C-50 processor. OK so install went fine and booted up no problems. But my resolution is set to 1024x768 native is 1360X768 is their anyway to install my gfx card. Also when I try to install anything such as google chrome I get a kernel panic and have to restart is their anyway to fix this? Any help is greatly appreciated. OS X 10.5.8 is the version being ran.
  4. I Installed snow leo on my notebook and everything went fine I inserted the cd let it load formatted HDD properly installed it and it said that it installed correctly. Now when i go to boot the OS I just get the grey apple logo and and the white/creme background and nothing else. I also tried verbose mode and after a while the screen just goes black chameleon is the bootloader any suggestions?
  5. RP Deliverance

    Leopard on Compaq Presario cq57?

    I am wondering if this will run any version of OS X preferably leopard or later but tiger would be fine also. System Specs. CPU - AMD C-50 dual core 1.0ghz RAM 2.00GB DDR3 @ 538MHZ ( -7-7-7-20) MOBO - Hewlett-Packard 3577 (socket FT1) Graphics AMD Radeon HD 6310 Audio - Realtek High Def Audio HDD - 250GB Hitachi HTS543225A7A384 SATA Disk Device If you need any other info let me know. Any help is greatly appreciated thank you.
  6. OK so i have mac os x 10.5.5 running in VMware and i formated my USB to Mac OS extended (journaled) and then i restored my disk with the ISO image. Then when i try to boot up with [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] i get an error saying "EHCI controller [10de:o26be] at 00:0b .1 DMA @feadfcoo" what does this mean and how do i fix it? Im using iPC OS X 10.5.8 for AMD processors. Processor is AMD athlon 64 3200+ SSE SSE2 SSE3 Nvidia GeForce 6100 GFX card Chipset: NVidia nForce 410
  7. RP Deliverance

    Kernel Panic Error!

    Yep that would probably help yall out ok so here is a link for a full run down of my system http://www.epinions.com/specs/E_Machines_E...PC_827103077834
  8. RP Deliverance

    Kernel Panic Error!

    OK so i am trying to install iPC 10.5.6 and i get a kernel panic error i have tried booting with -v and -x and i still get the error here is a screen shot.