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  1. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    I have an acer aspire 5738g Laptop and want to swap out the sata blu ray disk drive for a second SATA HDD caddy to go in the disk drive bay. I wouldn't have to change my patched dsdt if I did this would I as both plug into a SATA port? Thanks.
  2. UPDATED 20.12. GenericBrightness.kext

    Hey, got the second method working with G105m (nvidia) and its good but I cant use the first method because my min and max brightness values are both 0 and I dont know how to fix that Please could someone more DSDT familiar look at my DSDT(attached) and try to see why it returns 0? Im on an acer aspire 5738g with t6400 and g105m, using graphicsEnabler=yes and 64bit kernel. Running 10.6.7.... Shout if you need an ioreg dump or anything... dsdt.zip
  3. Multitouch

    Can anyone tell me what multitouch capabilities(pinch to zoom/swype fwd/back) OS X lion brings if on a laptop using a synaptics touchpad (7.2) and voodooPS2Controller? Also, can u get pinch zoom and swype in snow leopard without an apple external trackpad? Thanks. Ryan
  4. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hey, you patched my dsdt a while ago, post 3790/1 and it all works great but the DSDT has broken screen brightness settings. Without the dsdt, i can change brightness with FN and left/right arrows but with DSDT, fn and left / right does nothing. I get the slider bar in display settings but when i try to move it it doesnt change the brightness and jumps straight back to max I can change brightness in the bootloader but not once booted with DSDT:( The setting made in the bootloader is retained in OS X though, as the max/only level. Acer aspire 5738g http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...t&p=1698803 thanks, if you need any extra info just shout thanks again Ryan
  5. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    I have deleted the kext files for evoreboot and nullcpupowermanagement and used kext utility to rebuild .mkext files but kextstat still shows them as loaded after a reboot??? any ideas...
  6. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Please can you work your magic and make me a DSDT for my acer aspire 5738g(i dont think I can use the pre made z or zg ones). I have attached the sendme.zip and can send any other files you need. Running retail 10.6.3 upgraded to 10.6.7 if needed and not stated in the attachment Thankyou Ryan EDIT: When I shut down or reboot, it powers off but then hangs for 10ish seconds before cutting power. Sleep doesn't work, screen goes of as does HDD etc... but it wont wake, no matter what I try.... Not sure if any of that is DSDT related... my R.A.T 5 mouse also needs to be unplugged and replugged in after a reboot or shutdown for advanced features(custom buttons etc) to work(general pointer and left right click works before replug).... ty again Also, one USB port doesn't work but not sure why or how to tell what one it is(its the front left one if it helps but i doubt it does).... send_me.zip