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  1. Hi... My card is G92 9800GT 1G Here is two ioreg dumps from 10.6.0 (hdmi works), and 10.6.5 (hdmi not work) using the same DSDT. There're many difference between them, maybe caused by driver changes An interest point is, in good screen log, it has a twinView-driver string, that is not exist in bad screen log, maybe it's removed by new nVIDIA driver. The other is at NVKernel section, good log has 2 Surface, but bad log has none!! It seems cannot be solved via changing NVCAP value in my case, since the NVCAP value in those two logs is identical. Also, this may or may not be solved by adding more information in DSDT Don't know if this helps.... Hope somebody with good experiences may figure something interest in those logs thanks blank_screen_gfx.txt good_screen_gfx.txt
  2. 10.4.8 Boot error

    I'm using a AMD Athlon64 3200+, ASUS A8N5X, NVIDIA 6600LE, and an sata2 disk I use OSX 1048 AMD FINAL by _TUBGIRL_ and vmware native install When I boot natively, it seems doesn't support NForce4 sata, so I get "still waiting for root device" message I downloaded AppleNForceATA.kext driver from bikedude880 and MeDevil And copy it to /System/Library/Extensions/ (using VMWARE) After reboot, driver seems works. It found the root device. But the procedure is very slow. I think system hangs, but after 2~3mins, next message is printed. Boot procedure continues. but the speed is slow. Until forcedeth driver initialized, system hangs. Does anyone using this platform happens something like this?