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  1. Bios

    Hi, Is there any way I can extract my bios in osx? I have a new wireless card but laptop won't boot and need to remove the whitelist.
  2. RT5370..... Help

    Lol, yeah tried that too, I give up, I've set up a 2nd open wireless network with Mac filtering for now, I'm just going to have to buy a new card for my laptop I think.
  3. RT5370..... Help

    Tried that one already
  4. RT5370..... Help

    OK, tested all security modes on my router, for some reason with any form of security enabled, there is some sort of DHCP error. Any ideas?
  5. RT5370..... Help

    OK, if I open the network my wireless connection is fine, can't connect with WPA or wpa2 and for some reason my router doesn't seem to allow wep so I cant test that.
  6. RT5370..... Help

    Yeah, kext wizard shows it having 64bit support.
  7. RT5370..... Help

    Got this from running kextstat: 60 0 0xffffff7f808f6000 0x94000 0x94000 com.Ralink.driver.RT2870USBWirelessDriver (4.1.8) <43 37 5 4 3 1> How do I know if it's 64bit?
  8. I'm pretty sure my smbios is good.
  9. Broadcom bcm43xx wireless driver [beta]

    Anyone managed top get BCM4313 working??
  10. RT5370..... Help

    Hi, I've been using a micro usb wireless card (RT5370) for a while now, it worked fine on lion. I've now installed Mountain Lion, I used the install package that I have for 10.7 and it mostly works, only it doesn't ; ). The MAC shows on boot, the ralink utility loads and shows my router, I have a profile saved with the router login details but the connection keeps cycling every few seconds. Any ideas??
  11. Hey bcc9, I got fed up and did a fresh install, your patch worked a treat!
  12. Hi, These forums are great for getting help on specific issues and I appreciate the efforts of the more experienced members for spending the time helping those of us that are a little less knowledgeable. However I would really like to get a better understanding of how our hackintoshes are working under the bonnet, can anyone point me to some use full resources for some late night reading please?
  13. You got any pointers on where I can read about creating a thermal profile please?
  14. Husaber, Thanks for your help today it is much appreciated. bcc9, Thanks for the info, but no, I managed to get it to boot, simply by setting usekernelcache=no. I then ended up deleting the kernelcache flag completely as per instructions in this thread. Although I will look further into your post shortly to see if there is anything there that can help with my system. At this point in time I'm considering a fresh install and starting again from scratch.