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  1. My system is working great, and stable however when it wakes from sleep, there is a high chance it will reboot when woken up which is, to say the least frustrating. I found that short sleeps tend to wake up Ok, but longer sleeps (over night for example) tend to cause a reboot the moment the login screen shows. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I had a crashing issue as well, with my GA-Z87M-D3H which was random, and very annoying. It liked to do it most about 3 minutes after booting, or after it wakes from sleep, but can be any time really. I found that upgrading my BIOS from F9 to 11beta completely resolved my issues, and am now 100% crash free after a week.
  3. DP6 installed without issues

    I found one problem with mine. It updated just fine, however on reboot it fails to load finder (no desktop or top menu). The dock is there, and if I run an app, the top menu bar shows up and about 1 minute later, the desktop finally shows. Strange one.
  4. Clover = high disk activity on boot?

    Yep, it was the logging that was causing the slowdown. My log file in clover/misc was over 50MB in size.
  5. Clover = high disk activity on boot?

    Thank you all, I will look into the logging option (not sure where it is, or how to enable/disable, but I will find it). As for the drive, it is a WD Blue and is quite a bit faster (and quieter) than my retired 160GB Samsung.
  6. can we get back the apple logo on boot?

    With my GTX760, I get the apple logo on the first stage (looks perfect), but the second stage is full screen with progress bar, but no apple logo.
  7. Clover = high disk activity on boot?

    Yeh, well I unplugged all non-essential devices, but still no change. I also went and tweaked the BIOS many times over but still no change. I remember what I changed however.. I used to have Yosemite on an old 160GB drive when I was first evaluating it (DP1) which booted quick and without issues. I then decommissioned that drive, and replaced it with a brand new 1TB (WD) around the time DP2 was released.. It was the drive replacement that caused the issue, not Yos version. What could it be? I put the 160GB back in, and it boots quick (even with latest Clover version).
  8. Clover = high disk activity on boot?

    When booting Windows, it is done via the Clover boot menu (got the first delay to get into Clover, but no second one when booting starts). I do have plenty of USB gadgets, hubs, jtags, and other paraphernalia installed on my PC, so I will unplug everything and see what it does with Yosemite. It is weird as the delay seems to be getting longer and longer - when I first installed DP1, it was instantaneous, but now, four previews later, this issue is now present, and started on (well, first noticed anyhow) with DP2. The second delay is definitely Clover related, and nothing to do with Yos, as it starts to boot after the delay (with verbose enabled). It must be related to disk scanning though I do have it configured to only show the volumes I configured.
  9. Clover = high disk activity on boot?

    I use EFI Clover to boot between Yosemite (EFI), and Windows 8.1 (legacy) and it's working very well. One curiosity I have however, is when I turn on my computer, my hard disk light is on for a good 15 seconds with a consistent, but not solid light (it is definitely reading something) - when I get to the Clover menu, it is ok. If I boot into Windows 8.1, it boots right away and quick. If I boot into Yosemite, it has that same weird disk activity for 15 seconds before actually starting to boot. Does anybody know what this could be? I am using Clover 2774, but this happen with all previous releases as well.
  10. My wifi is still working fine, but my ALC892 audio is not. I am now using a USB audio dongle (cost $5.00) which works great however.
  11. AirPlay mirroring in Yosemite?

    With the help from a censored site, I was able to get my Intel HD4600 setup, and still have my nVidia as my primary. AirPlay now works like a treat, and is shown in the menu like it should.
  12. AirPlay mirroring in Yosemite?

    Hmm.. I never tried that. I keep my Integrated GFX disabled in the BIOS as Mavericks liked to use it instead (or as a priority) over my nVidia which results in a black bootup as it is not used. I will try again with Yos and see what happens.
  13. A cosmetic issue or real issue?

    Might have something to do with the SMBIOS.plist used as well. I am using MacPro6,1 and the system sleeps right after the screen is turned off, and wakes up normally. I use Clover.
  14. AirPlay mirroring in Yosemite?

    It is detected as an Acer, like in Mavericks. I have not used AirPlay in Mavericks either as I just recently got my Apple TV and no longer have Mavericks available to boot into since I am now 100% Yos. This is not too much of a problem however, Beamer seems to do the trick for movies quite nicely (Paid, but oh well.. cannot win them all)
  15. My Yosemite install (DP3) is working like a champ, however I recently got a new Apple TV (Gen 3) and it is also working very well. My question is - How do we enable screen sharing in Yosemite? I know in Mavericks, it was in the Display settings pane, but in Yosemite, it does have the checkbox to show the AirPlay icon at the top of the screen when detected, however it is never shown. I've used (well tried) several 3rd party apps to share the screen, videos, etc. and they are all working great (for a price), but where is the native mirroring support? iTunes AirPlay support works, but it only supports a small subset if videos which makes it more or less useless with my sizeable library of non-iTunes compliant content.