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  1. Thing is, I don't actually need ALC889.; My headset is USB and works OOB without a audio driver. Making my own DSDT is still mandatory then? PowerManagement is responsible for fans and stuff, right? Never actually been sure.
  2. That's awesome. I don't really need handoff, so no big deal. What exactly are those P State errors? How does it affect your system on a daily basis? I wish I was on F6, but been on F10 for more than a year Thanks a lot for helping out, I might do it this weekend.
  3. So, just doing this, selecting the right options in Clover, and I should be good? iMessage working on your system I'm guessing?
  4. Thanks for the answer! Really appreciated. All the stuff you talked about seems rather simple. I've never actually created a clean DSDT, but since we have the same board (Only difference with mine is that I'm on F10) could I use your DSDT? Or need a specific one for my BIOS version? And for HFSPlus.efi, did you use a specific version of the kext?
  5. Hey! I have the exact same board as you and have had the same issues with Clover. Was this done on a new install? Or just replacing Chameleon? Feel free to contact me by private message! I'd love to get more details on how you did it. I have everything but iMessage working on my hack
  6. I've tried setting my config.plist in a similar manner before. I don't remember adding Clock ID or FakeID though, would that change anything?
  7. Hey! I've already tried using Fix Ownership in my config.plist, although not with Single User Mode. Think that could change something?
  8. Great! Good to know I'm not alone in this situation! I've had to go back to Chameleon for the time being. Also, no access to App Store, iCloud, etc.
  9. I've got: Gigabyte Z68X-UD5-B3 R9 280x i7 2600k I don't have the config.plist handy right now though
  10. I'm using Clover, and only talked about Chimera as a point of reference.
  11. I get this error on my build, can't seem to find a solution: http://cl.ly/image/1B1542421w0B
  12. Hey guys, I've been trying to make Clover work for hours today, and I can't get it to work. During boot, it gets stuck at this: http://cl.ly/image/1B1542421w0B It's only with Clover that i get this problem. Any help would be really appreciated!
  13. Hey everybody! I have a working Yosemite installation with Chimera 4.0, but I want to switch over to Clover for iMessage/iCloud etc. After fiddling around for hours with Clover, I get stuck at this screen http://cl.ly/image/302Y1a2a2v0a I'm using 2953, also tried 2957, to no avail. Anyone here can help? Thanks!
  14. Chameleon - Success loading kextcache

    Hey! Also using Chameleon on my hack with 10.10, and was just wondering what exactly are the advantages of using kext cache? Some threads seems to say faster boots, but apart from that?