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  1. how about buying a pci wifi card? would it work? any suggestions?
  2. i have 10.4.9 with natit on a p5w-dh deluxe and a quadro fx1500..QE/CI/OGL working but it states "unknown nnvidia card" in system profiler. I have a tearing issue in maya, could it be because of unrecognised video card? how to make it be seen correctly?
  3. i've given up with snow leopard for now, but i'd like to know if bluetooth is working on 10.5.7, anybody? thanks
  4. i was using Cham 1 instead of 2, i tried with Cham 2 RC1 and it works now. Only problem is i can't get the network and audio to work. Also i see tearing effect on the graphics.
  5. if i install from dvd adding just the ps2 check i have a snow leopard that i can boot into and then gives me kernel panic after 30sec, i don't even have time to install kexts, and in the extensions folder there are no ethernet kexts, so there must be something you do that i'm not doing... i mean if you install as i did and boot into snow without touching anything does it give you kernel panic? also MBR or GUID? thanks
  6. i already tried all of this, the problem is after i boot into snow, which is fine, but after about 30seconds it gives me kernel panic.. i think i'll pass on this and keep my 10.5.7 for now
  7. thanks i tried but i get a "no boot sector detected".. so, now i installed it on the internal hard drive and it boots into Snow but after a few seconds i get a greyscreen and must reboot... any advices?
  8. my 10.5.7 is so stable now that i wouldn't want to screw up everything, maybe i can try on an external usb drive... what did you use to install 10.6.0? and what drivers? thanks
  9. hey, to make it work just use the NVenabler option among thje VGA drivers in the installation process and it will work. i have great news for the internal audio full support with keyboard control for volume and muting, just use this driver instead of the one that comes with the DVD: IDT.pkg.zip
  10. ok, reinstalled everything, if i use cham 2 i see 1.69ghz, if i use cham 1 it goes back to 2.8ghz, so i stick to that... using nvinject enabler gives me full graphics with finally 512mb... so my system is just fine like this. i'd only like to be able to mute and use volume, which doesn't affect the audio using the voodooHDA, any ideas? for the colors i have a hardware calibrator so i use that and colors are just perfect, best laptop monitor i ever seen if you don't use a calibrator everything looks bluish
  11. editing the Info.plist gets me back to 1024x768 and 32mb ram with no QE/CI, i always have to reinstall nvkush to go back to full working graphics, even if just 256mb instead of 512mb as i wanted. for the lan as i said earlier just follow ujen instructions posted earlier on this thread. i'm using cham 1 cause when i tried using the 2 i got low freq on cpu instead of 2.8ghz, cham 1 is just fine and working perfectly. restart doesn't work anyway, i still have to power off after restart and afaik is related to nvkush rather than cham
  12. i updated to 10.5.8 with software updated and my mbr is working fine... i don't know about this problem... i'm wondering if there's a way to get the middle button to work on the trackpad though, having the 2 fingers scrolling is awesome btw
  13. i was talking about lan issues, anyway for the graphics i'm using nvkush and cham 1, works perfectly but it shows 256mb of ram for my quadro instead of 512. for 3d softwares i'm still on win 7
  14. follow ujen instructions and it will work
  15. nevermind, everything works great, trackpad, lan, graphics, updated to 10.5.8, cpu correctly shown at 2,8ghz... so, WOW
  16. i actually discovered my cpu is being recognised as a 1,69 GHz instead of 2,8 GHz. Any idea on how to fix this?
  17. you guys are great! i have finally my osx working on my m6400, with full QE/CI and resolution, audio is working, lan is working thanks to ujen instructions. for the graphics i simply chose nvkush during installation and it's working. now i'd like to have wifi, but can live with lan only for a while. also it would be nice to have a full support for the touchpad, like dragging on the right side to scroll pages as i do in windows. anyway thank you all guys
  18. wow, really? can you tell me which distribution you used and what drivers you selected? also how do you enable graphics with chameleon 2? i have the fx2700, would it work anyway? i have tried ideneb 10.5.7 with nvkush and chameleon 2 but it hangs at startup and don't understand where the problem is. thanks
  19. that's some great news, but i wonder if any progress have been made by anyone on getting the full QE/CI support at full resolution, without that it's pretty useless to have hackintosh on a precision m6400. I have the 512mb quadro and can get full resolution but still no QE/CI. Anybody?
  20. anyone got maya to work on hacked leopard? in tiger there was a fix to get the mac address of the network recognised, but now it won't work anymore. any ideas? i really want to know if opengl performance is improved as promised
  21. ravez

    Maya 8.5 / 2008

    I've logged in as root and made those steps regarding IONetworkingFamily.kext no luck....i always end up having broken network, and it continues to see the built in as an internal modem rather than ethernet i can figure out a mac address to spcify in maya .dat license... am i the only one here who cannot make maya work on hacked leopard?
  22. ravez

    MAYA on hacked Leopard?

    it's weirdif i delete the extensions.kext it reappears again...the whole permission thing is acting weird in leopard..i can't even create a folder under /varit's weirdif i delete the extensions.kext it reappears again...the whole permission thing is acting weird in leopard..i can't even create a folder under /var and now my network is broken...it's a mess
  23. ravez

    MAYA on hacked Leopard?

    Network worked straight away upon first boot in leopard, once my network settings were specified. i'm running on a p5w-dh deluxe with a marvell yukon lan controller. Can you tell me how to fix the network? if it's not too much compicated, thanks. Weird that no other users tried to get maya working on leopard yet..
  24. ravez

    MAYA on hacked Leopard?

    that's the first thing i tried and now my my network is broken... that's why i was asking for other users experience
  25. ravez

    Maya 8.5 / 2008

    anyone got maya working on Leopard (hackintosh)? i can get it working on tiger but not in leopard with this workaround