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    HP NX6110 ideneb 1.4

    Hi. I found on osx86 wiki that my notebook works great with mac os x 10.5.8, so I downloaded ideneb 1.4, burned on a dvd , and booted. I have picked my polish language, then I made a format of my disk to a mac osx jounrnaled extended, and then picked patches which people used from that wiki for my notebook. Then I skipped checking the dvd and it started installing. It went about 1/4 of the bar and shown 7 min left. It stopped, bar wasn't moving, after about 10 min it shown a problem with installing. I thought it was my dvd, so I went to a shop, bought a new shiny copy of an clean dvd and made another copy with the slowest speed 4x(slowest I can get). Made every thing the same, and again the same problem, then I took english, problem, tried to install without patches, again problem. What's going on? People had mac osx 10.5.8 and it all worked, but on my notebook it doesn't. Plz help me, I really want to have mac os x on my notebook
  2. We don't use polish ebay It sucks lower back ;] We have allegro.pl so ok i'll try But what about my other question? Different graphic card?
  3. Hi. My build is mainly from your main website, but I wonder can I change few parts and don't lose my compatibility. First of all the build is the lowest budget for about 685$, with i5-760, GA-H55M-UD2H, 4gb of ram 1600 mhz corsair and a 1TB disk. The changes which I want to make, cause in Poland if like graphic card don't sell in good amount, shops just don't get them even for a personal order. Can I use Geforce GT 240 512 mb Palit or Gigabyte instead that EVGA and change power supply from Antec 550W to some Chieftec or OCZ? I know that they might be stupid and obvious questions, but for a person like me who is making a hackintosh for the first time in my life, after reading so much configurations, watching so many youtube flicks it can get confusing And my another question is can u post the cheapest build for mac os x snow leopard 10.6.X? I think it would be c2d, 2 gb ram and 9500gt, but just only wonder Thx for answers. P.S. Oh I forgot to tell you that I don't play games on PC, I want to shift from Windows to Mac, cause I'm building a home recording studio, cause I make beats and record rap.