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  1. camillionario, I have intel4400 can only enter the system with disable InjectIntel, would you share your colver? thanks.
  2. posyun

    help me to disabling nvidia card.

    post #9. the most perfect, can be successfully installed, thank you very much for your help.
  3. posyun

    help me to disabling nvidia card.

    foskvs, Herve, thank you so much, as i'm new in here, i need some times to read hackintosh knowledge, please wait me a while, thanks again.
  4. posyun

    help me to disabling nvidia card.

    Wow... it works! thank you so much friend! foskvs, your're a good man. yes, i'm using Clover.
  5. My laptop is ASUS TP500LN with Intel HD4400 and GeForce 840M graphics. I attach my acpi folder. Thanks in advance. ACPI.zip
  6. thanks tihomir,good job. but as Legacy USB Support set to "BIOS Setup Only",can't select Windows 7 on Chameleon V2 RC4. any idea?
  7. shoarthing, thank you very much. You are hero. works fine, thanks again.
  8. GPU:NVIDIA MCP7A-ION-B2 Can anyone help me?
  9. Web-Sharing doesn't work in my clean installs Leopard, but working on Tiger. Why?
  10. is there anyone who use Terratec Terratec's DMX 6Fire 24/96 under Jas 10.4.9 ? the driver in hope.